Ocarina House by LCLA Office in Columbia

Project: Ocarina House
Architects: LCLA Office
Year: 2023
Photographs by:
Luis Callejas

Ocarina House by LCLA Office

Perched at 2100 meters above sea level in a region steeped in pottery tradition, this 40-square-meter residence doubles as an artist’s gallery. The compact space seamlessly blends living quarters, exhibition areas, and workspaces.

Situated on a sloping plot, the partially sunken brick structure ingeniously avoids deep concrete foundations, utilizing the clay soil. Rainwater sustains a wet garden, and a unique structural element doubles as a stabilizer and garden irrigator.

Designed for an artist who decided to live near his studio in the countryside, the compact 40 square meter space serves as both a residence and an artist’s gallery. The layout accommodates living quarters, exhibitions, and workspaces, with even intimate areas such as the open shower serving as exhibition spaces for the artist’s large ceramic pieces.

The house is situated at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level, on a sloping plot in a region with a rich tradition of pottery and clay craftsmanship. The structure is partially sunken and made of brick, avoiding the need for deep concrete foundations in an earthquake-prone region by embedding a significant portion of the total volume. The house floats on the clay soil.

Rainwater collected from the roof nourishes a wet garden that surrounds the new house. A unique structural element not only stabilizes the long wall but also serves as a conduit for watering the future garden. The new space connects to the old studio through a path carved into the hillside made of brick.

The landscape, planted with trees five years ago in anticipation of the house, now features young trees that align with the house’s roofline. These fast-growing trees will create a contrast with the agricultural landscape.

LCLA Office


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