NY House by IDIN Architects in Bangkok, Thailand

Project: NY House
Architects: IDIN Architects
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 4,305 sq ft
Photographs by: Ketsiree Wongwan

NY House by IDIN Architects

IDIN Architectswho we have featured before on our site with their KA House, Siri House, W House and T House projects, have once again caught our attention with their NY House design. No, this home is not in New York as the name might suggest. It is located in Bangkok, Thailand.
The 4,300 square foot home contains 3 bedrooms as well as an entrance hall, dining room and an open kitchen connected to the main living areas, interconnecting with the dining room. There’s also plenty of natural light to go around which only adds up to the stunning modern design, both outside and inside of the home.

NY House is 3 bedrooms house, which the significant requirement of the owner is level splitting. The direction and position of main stair and circulation become to be the first priority to design while space and form were not clarified yet. From the requirement, the first approach when entering in the house is the staircase that leads vision from the public space as the entrance hall, dining room, and open kitchen through to the private space as family room, master bedroom, and child bedroom respectively. The main common area of this house is the dining room where also can be the working place as well.

The area is enclosed with the full height glass windows which are connecting to the L-shape terrace outside and make this become a semi-outdoor space on a good weather day. This common area has a double-height ceiling for opening space to the family room upstairs; which is also connecting to the outdoor terrace. Such open-through concept makes everyone in the house can see each other at all time. The skylight above the entrance hall allows the natural light into the main stair that leads to the master bedroom on the second floor and to the prayer room and child bedroom on the third floor. The master bedroom has own private stair as a duplex unit that the working area is on the lower floor (second floor) and the bedroom is on the upper floor (third floor).

The front of the house is facing to the South, and back is facing to the North that connected with the empty land belong to the owner’s brother. So the house is focused to have the void in these two directions mainly to take the natural ventilation and lights into the house. There are cantilever fins and eaves to make a shade in the South elevation. In the West, elevation is quite solid to avoid the sunlight come through the house, in addition, the bedroom mass on the third floor juts out acting as a shade for the family room terrace. According to the circulation and space inside, the form of the house seems just like the white boxes overlay each other, while the level splitting is hiding inside elaborately.

IDIN Architects


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