Nordic Design For The Christmas Table

Textiles, kitchenware, glassware, fountains, chandeliers, flowers, decorative centers, etc. with Christmas motifs they cheer up and decorate our Christmas tables to receive our guests. Some of these tableware items are only used on these dates, that is why it is important that when we buy them they have a certain timeless air, so that although they are very specific to Christmas, they do not expire every year due to fashions.

In this, Nordic design is king, because a Christmas tableware will last a lifetime, whether you opt for the more traditional or minimal design, it will never go out of style and, what’s more, as they are collection designs, they never end up out of print.

This is something very important when we buy kitchenware, that a series or model does not stop being manufactured after a couple of years, so we can always expand the number of parts that we have or replace one if it has been broken. At home, we have collected a couple of series from various brands for more than 20 years and they can be found in stores without a problem. On Christmas Eve you are more of a white tablecloth and white porcelain tables with a discreet motif or a red tablecloth and red and green dishes? Do you switch to dark colors on New Year’s Eve and gold or silver, or do you use ordinary tableware both times? tell us, we like to read your traditions at home.

In any case, if you need inspiration or make some kind of packaging to complement what you already have, a tray, a cake holder, or candle holder, we recommend the Nordic models and brands at Nordic Nest, an original Nordic design that you will enjoy for a long time!











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Author: Renata Kralevska


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