Niche Decoration for Every Type of Environment

Niche is one of the most versatile and practical options you can have on hand when decorating your home. They charmingly expose their favorite objects and break even organize the environments, leaving everything in its proper place.

The niches have been on the rise for some time in interior decoration, and apparently this fashion has no face to be passing. On the contrary, every day the niches reinvent themselves and new possibilities are created with them. This is thanks to the huge variety of different colors, sizes, materials and shapes in which they are manufactured. Not to mention that the affordable price is another reason that explains the popularity of niches.

And if you prefer a fully customized niche is also possible. In this case, you can choose to do a custom project with a cabinet maker or go for the famous DIY – Do It Yourself. From this concept it is possible to create niches with pallets and wooden crates, for example. This way, besides having a piece with your face, you also save and save the environment by recycling objects that would go to waste.

How to use the niches in the decoration

There is not much secret when it comes to decorating with niches. But some tips are welcome, so read them carefully. They will help you make this process easier. Check out:

  • The niches can be placed on the wall regularly or irregularly. Their arrangement will determine the style of decor of the environment. For example, more classic decorations fit better with side-by-side niches. Already in the modern and stripped decorations, the niches can come diagonally or alternate;
  • The amount of niche for the environment depends on how much you have to organize and display. They can be many, as well as just one. As long as the environment is harmonious with them;
  • The shape of the niches should also be noted. The most common models are square and rectangular, precisely because they fit with all kinds of decoration. Round shaped niches have a more delicate touch and look great in baby rooms or romantic style decorations, for example. For modern and youthful environments, the hexagonal shaped niches are an excellent choice;
  • The colors of the niches can and should follow the decorating palette of the environment. But if you want to create contrast, choose to use complementary colors for the niche. An example is using yellow niches on the blue wall or a purple niche in front of the white wall;
  • The niches can be opened or closed and you can feel free to put whatever you want in them. Just keep in mind that for open niches the organization is fundamental, otherwise the piece loses its decorative power and only exhibits mess;
  • Another way to value niches is by using LED strips. This way you brighten and highlight the piece in the room;

Here’s some creative and original ideas on how to use niche decoration. Images are divided according to environments. Take a look!

Niches for the Bathroom

Niche for Circulation Areas

Niche for the Kitchen

Niche for Home Office

Niche for the Living Room

Niche for the Balcony

Niche for Rooms


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