How Much Maintenance is Involved in The Upkeep of a Water Feature

A water feature is a wonderful accessory to have in your garden, home or workplace. It gives the surroundings a soothing and calm ambience. But like everything else water features too require maintenance, but the question you may have is how much maintenance.

The amount of maintenance depends on the type of water feature you install. Compared to ponds, fountains require less maintenance. A fountain keeps the water in motion, and this prevents algae growth. On the other hand, in ponds, the water is stagnant and this promotes algae growth.

The secret to low maintenance water feature is opting for a fountain and keeping the pump in good working condition. However, there are still some other aspects of maintenance that you need to keep in mind to prevent problems or high maintenance later on.


If you use a pump for your water feature, in all probability the water will re-circulated. However, it also will be prone to evaporation. As the water level decreases, it forces the pump to work harder, resulting in quicker wear. Hence, during summer months or in hot and dry climates, you should fill up the water feature once a week. In cooler climes and season, it is perfectly alright to replenish the water every 14 days. This said, don’t fill too much water, as it will make your water feature noisy and also cause the water to splash around.beyond-the-grid-landscaping-water-feature-boulder-pond


It goes without saying an indoor water feature tends to be cleaner than an outdoor one. It doesn’t attract dirt, debris, dead leaves and twigs. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor water feature, you need to clean it regularly to remove scale, dirt, rust and other dirt and debris buildup.

Every 4 to 6 months clean the water feature. Switch off the pump and drain the water completely. Use white vinegar to clean the insides thoroughly. Rinse well to remove all traces of vinegar. If there is scale buildup, use a cleaning product that acts on it. This can be done once a year. This also is a good time to clean the pump and ensure it is working optimally.


The amount of maintenance the pump requires will depend on whether you have an indoor or outdoor water feature. An outdoor pump has different maintenance needs compared to an indoor one. If the water feature is installed outdoors, make sure you remove the debris, dead leaves and other contaminants from the water regularly to prevent the pump from getting clogged. This is not an issue with indoor pumps, but they may require recalibration to reduce noise levels. Furthermore, ensure the pump is completely submersed in water.

Keep the Water-Feature Running

While it can be tempting to switch off the pump now and then, it is the worst thing you can do. This will reduce the life of the pump. Running the pump constantly will enhance its life and also ensure your water stays clean, as stagnant water tends to get dirty quicker and also prone to algae growth.

Type of Water

Most people use tap water to fill their water feature and keep it running. However, this can cause scale and mineral buildup and algae growth. It is best to use distilled water for your water feature. In case you can’t then use additives that prevent growth of algae and scale buildup.

If you tend to your water feature regularly, it will not be too much work. However, with time the pump will need to be replaced. And, Wave Water Features is a one-stop shop for water features that you will simply love!


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