Minimalist New Year – Because Less is More

The simple and broadly defined definition of minimalism would be the expression of ‘less is more’ … Or there is also another that we liked a lot and that is the one that says it is ‘the life that fits in a suitcase’. Because if you could put it all in a single suitcase, nothing more, you would undoubtedly have achieved minimalism in your life. But beware! because we not only speak in materialistic terms, but also about emotions, our feelings, and our well-being.

A simple life will take us to have a house, also, simple (do not confuse the term simple with simple, because they are not the same!). And believe us: a minimalist decoration, not overloaded and done with taste, will give you peace and tranquility and will turn our house into that oasis that we long for, leaving a very chaotic year.

To place you, below we name in 7 keys what minimalism consists of in decoration and lifestyle:

1. Have less to … cover more. More than? More time, more peace, more projection, more space, more constructive relationships with yourself or with others. Everything is positive.

2. More order. And we love to repeat it: more order is more happiness, more harmony at home, and a (much) more organized life in every way. Because knowing what you have in each drawer or closet will save you time and give you a lot of joy.

3. Visually more pleasant. An orderly house without a thousand and one elements is more pleasing to the eye, less stressful, and invites you to relax in it. Plus, easier to clean too!

4. Emotional attachment. What do I want it for? Do I need it? Since when did I not use it or watch it? If the first answer is not clear to you, the second is a doubt and the third you don’t even remember, be clear: get rid of it. The vast majority of things we have at home are unnecessary emotional attachments. Get rid of them and see how you feel! And if you find it difficult to take this step, Marie Kondo applies the method of finding out if that object as such gives us joy. Do you give it?

5. Bathroom, bedroom, living room … everything to a minimum. Decorate with only what you consider to give you something positive and everything unnecessary, get rid of it. In these specific spaces, one of the keys to minimalism is also that everything is in view, on the shelves or a beautiful shelf, but in plain sight. And for that very reason, the less we have and decorate only with beautiful, subtle, and inconspicuous objects, the better.

Minimalist New Year?

Yes. This 2020 has been so full of news, changes, and emotions that minimalism can do a lot for us. And with this we do not mean that you do not decorate your house for New Year, but that you do it rationally, applying the theory of less is more and inviting calm.

Clear thoughts

Sleeping in a room with few elements, a lot of white and neutral colors, neat and organized, is an aid to your quality of sleep, do not hesitate!

Ideas for a minimalist New Year

If you don’t have space at home or you just don’t want to occupy one with a Christmas tree (real or artificial), there are many minimalist proposals to decorate Christmas. For example, a wooden tree with some gifts as decorative as in the image.

The moment of relaxation

The minimalist decoration is characterized among other things by having a few elements of insight. Visual noise, that’s what we call it, shouldn’t exist. Also, the colors should be neutral, soft to the eye, and not overload the space. It is the best way to enjoy, for example as in the image, a moment of relaxation in the living room.

Cook without rush

Gastronomy experts say that this is the key to a good kitchen … Cook slowly dedicates time and care to each of the steps. Well, something similar happens in minimalist decoration: dispense with ornaments and make the chromatic range fit perfectly, this way you can focus on what really matters and do everything with more delicacy.

The details that matter

Minimalism only includes the essential ornaments or those that give us something of the truth. Everything else is left over. At Christmas, we love to decorate with all kinds of details typical of this time of year, but remember: not overloading it will have a very optimal visual effect and will make other elements, small details, stand out, and be valued.

Unobstructed view

The minimalist decoration should not be confused with the one that eliminates all deco accessories but only chooses some pieces, without abusing them, that can help us create that environment we are looking for. For example, geometric shapes and color range are important, as well as not cluttering the shelves with all kinds of things (books, photos, souvenirs…). Because if the view is clear, your mind will be too.

Cleanse the aura

White and neutral tones give a feeling of clarity, comfort, and harmony. Also apply it in the bathroom, so that your showers are even more relaxing and you can clear and clean all those doubts and concerns that we all have.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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