Mezzanine Bedroom: Exemplary Floor Plans You’ll Love!

Studio, workshop, loft, and many types of housing can be equipped with a higher space called a mezzanine. Once the height below the ceiling allows, it probably turns into an impressive small bedroom. Sleeping, closet, dressing room, small office: there are many ways to set up a mezzanine bedroom. An ideal solution is to gain space in the house but also to gain a room full of charm.

How to arrange a bedroom on a mezzanine?

Turning a mezzanine into a small bedroom requires a few rules. If a bedroom is installed on a mezzanine, it is preferable to choose low furniture to maintain the brightness of the room. The same applies to the chosen bedding, as well as the colour of the walls, giving priority to light colours so as not to spoil the atmosphere. In the same way, do not clutter the room with furniture and objects. Opt for simple, inconspicuous furniture that is as low as possible and allows the room to breathe. We must not forget that the ceiling height of the mezzanine is not necessarily a traditional height. However, a mezzanine equipped with the essentials lacks charm, on the contrary. A bedside table, a bed end if necessary and a shelf or two, a hanging shelf for playing space-saving desks and that’s it. You will not neglect light sources by choosing sconces above the bed or even scattering table lamps here and there to create a cosy place. It’s all those little decorative touches that make your room a cosy little nest conducive to relaxation.

Which bed for a mezzanine?

This is the most important element to properly set up a mezzanine bedroom: the bed. If some people are content with a simple mattress on the floor for a bohemian bedroom, we cannot strongly advise you to go for a space-saving bed to prevent the bed from being too large about the volume gets out of the room. . The solution is to invest in a pretty box spring with a foot to make it easy and effective. If you are looking for a more decorative bed to complete the look of the bedroom, the bed with a headboard is welcome, as long as the shape of the latter is not disproportionate to the space available. Another possible and practical option: is the bed with pull-out drawers for additional storage space.
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