Materials, Colors, Textiles That Will Be Trends For Your Bed And Bedroom in 2022

Neutral bases in bedrooms continue to boom

When decorating the bedroom we usually choose soft tones that invite you to rest. Until now, white with all its nuances, beige, and sand on the walls have taken the cake, but, be careful, because in 2022 they will not be the only main colors. For this bedroom, has been chosen a discreet beige tone for the walls and ceiling that provides warmth and visually increases the height.

The gray, the neutral that stands out in the bedrooms

If you want a modern bedroom, supercurrent, go for gray. In a soft, medium, and even intense tone, almost black, Β it is going to be the big surprise for next year. We are going to see it on the walls, in all or only one, in the bedding or the upholstered headboard. Are you signing up to be aΒ  gray addict? The interior designer has gone ahead and has put it in her bedroom in a discreet soft tone.

Dusty tones in the bedding…

Another trend that will rise like foam in 2022 is the use of dusty tones: green, pink, gray, or blue are unique to convey peace and tranquility. In this bedroom, a dusty pink has been used in the bedding, which recalls our childhood. Together with beige, it gives the bedroom a warm and elegant air. With gold details, it works perfectly.

Well dressed beds

We are in luck! In 2022 the beds are taken as we like the most: warm, full of layers, in short, well dressed. Textiles trap sound and decrease reverberation. Opt for bedding made with natural fabrics, in linen and cotton, super comfortable that in addition to guaranteeing a good rest, encourages durability and responsible consumption.

Natural fibers are still at the top

That fondness for natural fabrics also extends to furniture and accessories. For this reason, in 2022, the fiber will continue on the crest of the wave: benches at the feet, stools, armchairs, lamps… Natural materials transport us to the outside, provide warmth, and are visually super light.

Exterior fibers that revive inside

Fibers can also enter the bedroom as a playful element. And if you don’t take a look at this image, the interior designer has chosen to suspend a fun seesaw inside the room even though its usual location is outside. The spaces that move us to the open-air earn points in 2022.

The bedrooms in 2022 will be multifunctional spaces

We already sensed it during 2021. In the bedrooms, we have not only rested, but we have also worked and even done relaxation exercises. And that multidisciplinary space will continue like this next year. If you don’t already have it, go reserving the brightest corner to place a desk that will also serve as a dressing table in your leisure time.

Curtains with long fall in the bedrooms of 2022

In 2022 we will see bedrooms with curtains and long drapery curtains. At last, these textiles regain their space in decoration! Plain, made of more or less thick linen, they will match the color of the wall coverings. The interior designer has chosen these in vanilla color in perfect harmony with the fabric of the walls.

Natural plants will be vital in the decoration of the new bedrooms

The eco spirit is very present in our homes. More than we think. It has become a lifestyle both when it comes to choosing sustainable materials and everything that inspires us with life outdoors. For this reason, natural plants, small or XL, are consolidated as part of the decoration of the bedrooms of 2022. The interior designer has integrated this palm tree near the window that well.


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