Malinalco House by Arquitectura Alternativa in Malinalco, Mexico

Project: Malinalco House
Architects: Arquitectura Alternativa
Location: Malinalco, Mexico
Area: 1,474 sqft
Photographs by: Luis Gordoa

Malinalco House by Arquitectura Alternativa

The Malinalco House is a compact modern home designed by Arquitectura AlternativaThis single story residence is located on a plot surrounded by a natural environment in Malinalco, Mexico.
Being this close to nature, the architecture of the Malinalco House employs the nature that surrounds it as the primary element in its conceptual stage.
The interior features an open plan design blessed by natural light and sights of the dense green vegetation and shrubbery that surrounds the home in every direction.

Today, direct contact with nature is more important due to the constant growth of urbanization, with the massive construction of houses or apartments for middle class families nationwide.

Malinalco House is one of those places where nature is an essential part of its conception, surrounded by greenery and framed by hills give it an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort. From the outset it was clear that the landscape around the house should be preserved as much as possible.

The project of this custom house started as a very simple program with only 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen; framed with front terraces that give them amplitude. The materials used in the 137 m2 of construction, were selected precisely so that in harmony with the landscape they would unify the concept of “cottage” which is the purpose of this project. We designed a simple and austere technique that would generate both a contrast and a dialogue with the brightness of the exterior space and its surrounding nature, the adobe wall that stands embraced with wooden beams, with the pitched roof give the project lightness; inside, wood dominates on floors and walls giving warmth to the spaces.

We paid particular attention to the energy efficiency of the project. An efficient and compact structure has been designed with excellent insulation. These are all elements that make up the space, containing time and transmitting power, places of opportunity that due to their conditions and in a privileged climate, are potential carriers of activity in the living spaces.

It is a single level of light structure and modest size which with simple geometries presents a harmony in its natural environment. The arrangement of windows and doors improves access of natural light and ventilation and are the focus of the interior space as they extend the visual field to what the natural environment offers.

Arquitectura Alternativa


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