Luxurious Bathrooms with Curved Tubs

When we say you should add some curves to your bathroom design, please take us seriously. Why? Okey, here comes the answer. Curved bathtubs are a staple of the luxe life when it comes to bathroom designs. These high-design tubs have rounded edges and they soften the angles of the rooms that surround them. Offering maximum relaxation you can easily immerse yourself into this mesmerizingΒ bathroom designs. And yes, the curved tubs steal the show!

Voila, enjoy the perfection of rounded bathtubs!

Take a Seat

The relaxing ambient has been reached with the grey upholstered chair beside the stunning tub.

Artistic Touches

This classic but no so classic bath features black and white artwork.

Natural Charisma

In this Hampton home has been created a neutral-toned bathroom with a freestanding tub. And yes, we want it now! Can we, please? Anyone?

Deco Design

The unsurpassed beauty that the floor-to-ceiling window and the green marble create are delightful.

Magic Mountain

Ross Copperthwaite Photography

Look at the marble beneath the windows. Then look at the gorgeous views that the mountain offers. Emphasizing enough?

Tree of Tiles

If you want to implement something that will create a unique accent wall, then use a tile mosaic. Particularly here we have a Tree Tile which fits perfect with the majestic tub.

Standout Silver

In this bathroom dominates the romantic ambiance with this flirty, inviting tub.

Mosaic Moment

Nothing else adds more interest than a mosaic-style flooring to this design of tub.

Creative Copper

If you want more rustic vibe, in this bathroom the copper tub helps with that. We all want a bit of rustic environment in out baths, do we?

High-Drama Drapery

The glamour in this bathroom has been created by the custom drapery. Clean and bright. Pure perfection.



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