Lush red and black kitchen projects

Not at all traditional, the red and black kitchen breaks with every pattern. But balancing the use of these two bold colours isn’t always easy.

That’s why in this post we’ve put together a series of tips for you to dare and have an original, different kitchen with lots of personalities.

Red and black kitchen decor: modern and vibrant

Nobody forgets a red and black kitchen. This combination of vibrant colours not only defies the obvious but also adds a lot of personality and style to the project.

On the one hand, black brings sophistication, elegance and modernity, while red radiates joy, dynamism and daring. Together they form an unbeatable duo full of energy and authenticity. However, this composition can also have the opposite effects.

This happens with all colours in the visible spectrum. According to colour psychology, the human brain interprets each colour differently, mostly about nature’s most primitive instincts.

No wonder red is immediately associated with fire and consequently heat, while blue is associated with cold and water. These associations create both positive and negative qualities for the colours at the same time.

Black, for example, when abused in excess or the environment, can make the decor heavy, depressing, and even claustrophobic, while red can create excitement and jitters.

The secret to avoiding excess is to balance the use of colour, especially concerning the natural light that penetrates the environment. The more natural the light, the easier it is to use bold, vibrant colours like red and black.


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