Living Room Furniture That Will Occupy Your Entire Wall

What piece of furniture are you looking for in your living room? Decorative, functional, striking, simple… You have them all here. Different designs with a single point in common: they occupy an entire wall.

An open and closed living room furniture in cream tones

In the decoration of this room, it was decided to equip an entire wall with a practical and decorative piece of furniture. Combine open shelves for books and objects with closed cabinets that store table linen. At night, three similar sconces illuminate it, giving the room a special charm.

A living room furniture in black with an oak background

The interior designers love to play with volumes and work with paneling. And in this room, it was no less. They designed an elegant black wall-to-wall cabinet with handleless closed cabinets and open niches clad in natural wood. And to balance so much sobriety, they lined the back wall with oak pallets that give it warmth.

With cabinets closed above and below and the center wallpapered

If what you need most in the living room are storage areas, take a look at this piece of furniture with a line of cabinets above and below. In the center, the interior designer has designed a single floating shelf, decorated with family photographs, which lightens it. All of it is lacquered in a soft beige. Meanwhile, the free wall has been covered in a smooth but textured wallpaper in a darker brown.

A light, open living room furniture with a work area

If you like light living room furniture that gives a feeling of relief, take a look at this open bookcase. Made of iron and white lacquered, it also functions as a desk thanks to the height of one of the shelves, perfect for putting a chair and creating a work area.

A modular living room furniture in wood and metal

Expand the furniture in the living room according to your storage needs? What a great idea! Because you don’t store the same things at 30 as at 50, the studio that worked on this home devised this lightweight, modular, custom-made shelving unit. Made of black metal and wood, it runs along the wall behind the sofa. And in it, there is room to place books, decorative objects, and plants.

Color rise

Do you want for your living room a wall-to-wall piece of furniture to organize your extensive collection of books? Then you’ll love this DM bookcase designed with shelves of different heights, the interior designers managed to give the room more dynamism. And to turn it into a focus of attention, they lacquered it in an anthracite gray that contrasts with the living room where neutral tones prevail.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

A passionate female writer, I specialize in articles about architecture and home interiors. I love sharing insights and inspiration to help readers create beautiful and functional living spaces.


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