Lighting Ideas for Your Home Office That Will Brighten up Your Work Space

There are so many good things when it comes to working from home, but probably the best is that you can wear your pajamas all day without anyone knowing! Yes, of course, we are not going to forget that you are totally in control of your early finishes and late starts. There is always the risk of your home becoming the place of easy restlessness and distraction so the first thing you should do is to highlight the good light. It’s the most essential thing to start with! So, if you are defocused right now, and waiting for some ideas to ring the bell here they are! We’ve come up with some clever home office lighting ideas that we truly believe will help your home to become the perfect environment for work.

Place your desk by the window

The ideal thing that you can do for your working spot is to be next to a lot of light! This will boost your mood and will lower your electricity bill. The only way of increasing productivity is to be exposed to natural light, also your health and overall being will be so much thankful to you. Staring in the distance can also be another benefit, as distancing from your screen is necessary.

Creativity = statement lamp

Image Credit | Dominic Blackmore

This is one practical purchase, so you don’t have to play it safe. Just splash out on a desk lamp and forget the bland corporate style. This will light up your space and this lamp in an unusual color will make the space your own, and that’s the turning point when your office will become a haven.

Charging Lamp

Image Credit | Ikea

Do you always forget your charger or just getting fed up of carrying it around? If this is the case then you should definitely enter the Hektar work lamp idea that is completed with super-cool wireless charging.

Fix a task light to the wall

Image credit | Carolyn Barber

By adopting this smart idea you will never ever have a problem related to the light on your desk. Instead of an ordinary lamp, you can fill your space with a plant or a small vase of flowers to make your day brighter, or you can enjoy the reduced clutter.

Hang a bulb from the ceiling

Image Credit | Max Attenborough

If you have only room for a narrow desk, then this solution is just as space saving, but however, there will be some rewiring involved. Don’t forget always to get a qualified electrician to carry this out for you! The bare bulb is a trend look right now, so choose one with some decorative flex and it will provide great illumination. What’s the good thing here? It won’t distract you as some fancy shades would.

Double up on everything

Image Credit | Douglas Gibb

The greatest thing when working with someone side-by-side is the thing that you can bounce ideas off of each other. In the case for your kids, they can help each other with their homework. And if you are already planning to do this set-up you should each seat a separate task lamp so no one is straining to see.


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