Large gourmet balcony: ideas and projects with photos

Eat, drink, have fun and talk a lot. This is what the large gourmet balcony stands for. A space to socialize while the “chef” prepares fantastic recipes. But for this room to welcome guests with comfort, it is important to pay attention to planning and decoration.

And do you know where to find tips for a large gourmet balcony decorated? Exactly here! follow further.

Large gourmet balcony: tips to get the project right

Set a layout

One of the most important things you can do for your porch is to define the layout.

This includes the entire aesthetic and functional planning of the environment. Without them, there is a very high probability that you will end up with a balcony that you do not like at all.

The first thing to do in this regard is to survey the site. Measure everything and make a simple sketch on paper. Take this time to write down all the outlets, power, and water points.

Eventually, you will need them to continue the project. If possible, organize everything according to where the water and light points are already located, this way you avoid breaks and major renovations.

Remember that the sink, the stove and the refrigerator must be close to facilitate the dynamics inside the gourmet balcony.

The best layout is the triangular one, where the sink and stove are at either end of the base of the triangle, and the refrigerator is at the top.

If you plan to have a large gourmet balcony with a grill, remember to keep the refrigerator away so the heat from the grill doesn’t affect the functioning of the unit.

adopt a style

With the layout in hand, everything becomes clearer as you know exactly where each thing is and how it will be exposed in the environment.

But to make the task even easier, the second tip is to choose a decorative style for the gourmet balcony.

Comfort for all

The gourmet balcony must also be comfortable. That means providing seating for all guests.

You can do this with chairs, armchairs, ottomans, ottomans and benches. It is important that everyone feels at home.

Practicality and functionality

A gourmet balcony must not only be beautiful, but it must also be practical and functional. Rely on easy-to-clean coatings such as porcelain.

Also, make sure that the furniture and the arrangement of the equipment do not impede the passage and opening of doors.

Check out these great gourmet balcony ideas to inspire your project now:








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