La Canada House by Antonio Altarriba Arquitectos in Rocafort, Spain

Project: La Cañada House
Antonio Altarriba Arquitectos
Rocafort, Spain
4, 940 sf
Photographs by:
Diego Opazo

La Canada House by Antonio Altarriba Arquitectos

The La Canada House is a beautiful modern dwelling located in a peaceful neighborhood of Valencia, Spain. It was designed by Antonio Altarriba Arquitectos and has almost 5,000 square feet of living spaces to offer.

The house is located in a peaceful neighborhood called La Cañada, Valencia. The plot is rectangular-shaped, placed in the corner of two main streets and with two boundary walls towards neighbors.

The main idea of the project is making up a building with two clearly distinct volumes, in shape and materials, which are related within themselves by emptying them as a sculpture, using patios and double heights.

The volume below, made by white mortar, is where the common elements of the house are placed. It is designed to be an intimate space for users, neglecting the high traffic road and taking advantage of the North-South orientation. However, the first floor is an irregular volume, made up in stone, that homes the main room and two single rooms.

Finally, the basement has a garage, a living room and an installation’s room. The spatial relationship between the two volumes, thanks to the emptying of spaces and double heights, enables the connection at all times.

This feature, added to the opening areas exterior-interior and orientation, had been the essential guide during the creation of this project.

Antonio Altarriba Arquitectos


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