KVK City Concept Store by ATMOSPHERE Architects in Chengdu, China

Project: KVK City Concept Store
Architects: ATMOSPHERE Architects
Location: Chengdu, China
Area: 1,937 sf
Year: 2021
Photographs by: Chuan He (Here Space)

KVK City Concept Store by ATMOSPHERE Architects

1.Β  Anticipation

The black wall was the boundary

They were divided into different groups

Cut and combined

Rows upon rows, breaking the single restriction

The whole arc-shaped hot curved glass was at the bottom, and the dark green to black color changed. A strange device created with the core inspiration symbols, like a spider’s tentacle, stood between the window, blurring the boundary between art and retail.

The “spider’s order” was used as a guide and was about to come

2. Restructure

Β The two mirrors stretched out and extended indefinitely


Modern civilization has created countless parts for contemporary mankind, and design also responds here.

The concept of “Modularity” is used to realize the penetration of context, so as to complete the change and reconstruction of spatial content.

As the core concept of the brand, the reorganized philosophy of art was bound to be dismantled and conveyed through the design language. The transformation of the scene should be in line with the imagination of the future safari: the space is composed of modules which are easily recombined with high flexibility and adaptability.

The central exhibition cabinet is composed of an array of module matrices that can be flexibly moved and spliced, supplemented by different curved booth designs.


There are many elements about “conflict”, “consciousness awakening”, “aggression” and “sharpness” in KVK’s product concept. Therefore, in the space design, materials and colors with different light and shade, depths and textures are selected to express the ideology and beauty of “collision” in the core of the brand through the extension of the mirrors.

It was a combination of product flow and material nature ,attracting people’s attention and shining.

3. New chapter

Black and white, extremely simple and clean

The pure black inner wall stands on both sides, with 3×3 free stretching light-emitting modules as a group, which combines the functions of product display and lightening by drawing and pulling together with lighting. When the “drawers” are pulled out, the light turns on immediately. While meeting the display function, the interest is enhanced through the array arrangement, providing different booths for the main body of the space.

It was not only a carrier, but also an expression

Free group, thousands of people and thousands of faces

Several modules are arranged one by one from top to bottom, surrounded by double arcs to realize matrix space construction.

“Reestablishment” is here to be a continuous expression

Due to the reestablishment of the future

-Project description and images provided by ZZ Media


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