KS Residence by Arquitetos Associados in Natal, Brazil

Project: KS Residence
Architects: Arquitetos Associados
Location: Natal, Brazil
Area: 4,413 sq ft
Photographs by: Joana Franca

KS Residence by Arquitetos Associados

The KS Residence is an artistic, contemporary home designed by the Brazilian studio Arquitetos AssociadosThe luxury house is located in the city of Natal, in the Rio Grande do Norte state in Brazil and it consists of three floors that offer a large internal space.
The ceiling height of each floor is different to increase living comfort and air flow while also minimizing the environmental impact.
The home crafts a desire for privacy while still carefully considering the local conditions. The first floor areas are interconnected through a footbridge so the kitchen, living rooms, home cinema, dining room and yard space are all connected to each other.
The second and third floors also have their own living spaces as well as bathrooms and bedrooms that offer expansive views.

The initial desire for privacy and the consideration of local conditions guided the design of this residence, closed out, but open to a large internal space of three floors with the purpose of establishing spatial wealth with a variety ceiling heights, large air volumes and better environmental comfort as a consequence.

The created volume explore to the maximum the parameters that regulate the construction of the condominium buildings: minimum setbacks of five meters at the front, four meters at the bottom, two meters at the sides and a maximum of seven meters and a half height from the level of the first floor [since it is at a maximum height of one meter and twenty-five centimeters from the level of the natural ground].

In this way three floors were created. In the underground (semi buried) are garage and ateliers; At the ground level (semi elevated), the social and living areas; And upper, the intimate areas.

Arquitetos Associados

The deliberate search for greater spatial variety and better arrangement of the program to the volume, it was sought to vary the design of floors rather than simply stack them. Above the void rise the other floors. On raised ground two slabs extend in the transverse direction of the construction from one side face to another, interconnected by a footbridge. In the slab closest to the street are the living rooms and tv / cinema. In the bottom slab, integrated to the yard, are dining room, kitchen and service area. In the second floor the slabs extend in the longitudinal direction from the facade to the bottom, interconnected by a transversal footbridge, whose are the rooms and bathrooms.

The construction would have as a first step the soil excavation and its containment by a prop wall, generating the necessary space for the future occupation. On this void rises the residence volume, with pillars and slabs in reinforced concrete and cover in metallic tiles on metal structure. Finally, the closing plans and external sealing in glass and solid bricks are aggregated to this frame, giving the final appearance of the residence.

Arquitetos Associados


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