Knot Cushion – Inspiring Tips and Ideas

Those in love with Scandinavian decor probably also love the knot cushions. These are two inseparable things. But despite being closely related to this type of decoration, the knot cushion is extremely versatile and can move very well through many other styles. And the most interesting side of this type of pillow is that it can be handmade by yourself. Yeah!


Once done, they can decorate the living room, the couple’s bedroom, the children’s bedroom, that charming porch stool and where else you think you need a touch of comfort and warmth. And to keep you out of this trend, we put together in this post all the tips you need to know to make the knot pad and insert it into the decor with style. Come on?

How to Make Knot Cushion – Tips and Materials

  • To make the knot cushion, it is best to use soft and elastic fabrics, such as knit.
  • Also have a good filler on hand to fill the fabric tubes.
  • There are different types of knots you can choose to make your pillow, choose the one you like best and be happy.
  • The Scandinavian knot pad can be made from leggings and thin socks that are no longer being worn. This is an interesting way to reuse your clothes and give them new meaning.
  • Explore colors and prints to create a distinctive and authentic knot pad. But if you prefer to keep the Scandinavian air, the light and soft tones are the most suitable.
  • Threads, sewing needles and scissors are the main materials you will need besides, of course, the fabric.
  • The knot pad can be handmade or on the sewing machine, it will all depend on your hand skills. 

We’ve brought you down some knot pad ideas below to get you inspired and make yours, look:












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