Klopper Residence by Klopper & Davis Architects in Perth, Australia

Project: Klopper Residence
Architects: Klopper & Davis Architects
Location: Perth, Australia
Area: 5,564 sf
Photographs by: Dion Robeson

Klopper Residence by Klopper & Davis Architects

Klopper & Davis Architects have designed a beautiful mid-century modernist style residence in Perth, Australia. The Klopper Residence spans across two levels and offers just over 5,500 square feet of luxurious modern living spaces connected to a lush courtyard and garden.

Klopper residence is a loving homage to the mid-century modernist architecture of Klopper and Davis Architects. Deeply informed by its context and its client, the team have created a beachside home that is fun, warm, textural and responds to contemporary family rhythms and a love of entertaining with ease.

The client being a couple with three energetic young boys, the brief centered around notions of family time, privacy, outdoors and a love of entertaining. Connecting the house to the garden and swimming pool were key, enabling the couple to supervise and enjoy themselves concurrently.

A floating concrete canopy rests atop the residence, home to the rooftop garden and continuous panoramic views across the treetops, roofs and ocean. The garden design is the perfect complement to the home, adding shade, softness and playful energy to the outdoor spaces and offering ample ground for the kids’ myriad of activities and games.

Designed to optimize its coastal location and the natural topography of its site, the planning across three levels is borne of functionality and passive design principles. Quiet, utilitarian spaces nestle into the topography at the lowest level; generous double-height living areas and children’s bedroom wing occupy the elevated ground floor; and the master suite takes the top floor, acting as a successful parents’ retreat.

Signature elements, such as playful timber joinery, rich materiality and the seamless transition between indoors and out, define this home as an iconic KADA residence. A unique and playful insertion to North Street is the staircase, brick-paved and wrapped in a geometric envelope of mild steel. The open stair does not just provide circulation with elegance and sculptural form, but acts as a spine, allowing an openness of communication otherwise lost across most multi-level homes.

The home is a bold contribution to its suburban fabric, generating much interest amongst locals and onlookers during construction. Hopefully this building is successful at cultivating the public towards an appreciation of residential architecture.

Klopper & Davis Architects


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