Kitchen plan: everything you need to know about the different types of interiors

Do you intend to transform your kitchen but do not yet know which configuration to adopt? Our kitchen plan inspiration will definitely help you with your decision. When designing a kitchen, a few basic rules must be observed. Above all, you have to ask yourself the right questions in order to be able to imagine a kitchen plan that perfectly suits your requirements and your wishes. Whether you are considering an open kitchen or a closed kitchen, a kitchen for easy prep, or a kitchen to share meals with family or friends, the layout will vary greatly.

How to install a kitchen

Then comes the question of the area of the room. You cannot install a U-shaped kitchen in a long space like you can install a kitchen with a central island in a very small space. Every kitchen layout corresponds to a room configuration and each has advantages and disadvantages to consider. With the inspiration from our reports, you will have all the keys in hand to best adapt your kitchen project to your needs and finally answer the question: what is the best kitchen layout? On the program: kitchen dimensions, layouts and configurations.

1. U-shaped kitchen layout

The U-shaped kitchen requires a minimum area of 8m2 and a central space of at least 1.50 meters for fluid circulation between the different areas. This type of kitchen is created both in a closed space and open in the living room or dining room. The activity centers (washing, cooking and cooling) are organized around 3 countertops and storage is also optimized. If the room is spacious, the arrangement of a central island facilitates circulation and multiplies storage space.

2. I-shaped kitchen layout

With its linear floor plan, the I-shaped kitchen fits into almost any room, whether large or small, open or closed. In the case of a closed kitchen, this configuration, if the area allows, allows the development of a dining area. If the kitchen is open, you can also treat yourself to a center island. The only downside, the area of the work schedule may be limited and the activity triangle cannot be maintained.

3. L-shaped kitchen layout

For perfect ergonomics, the L-shaped kitchen requires a space of 10 m 2 and a return of at least 1.20 m. Open or closed, this kitchen installation respects the activity triangle that facilitates daily tasks. The only drawback is its corner cabinet, which can be used perfectly to save space. With this configuration, you can imagine the development of a central island or dining area.


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