Keys to Choose the Perfect Fireplace

Now that the cold has arrived, the image of snuggling with the heat of the fire to read a good book seems like an increasingly desirable option, so the chimneys begin to take center stage.

With the arrival of winter that eternal fear arises about whether we will keep the house warm during the coldest days: it is time to check radiators, the insulation of doors and windows, or consider other more drastic measures, such as improving the insulation of the roof, in case we live in an attic or a single-family house.

The fireplaces, besides being, together with the wood-burning stoves, one of the most efficient options for heating the house, are also perfect if we seek to combine practical elements with more decorative ones. If you are also considering installing a fireplace at home it is important that you inform yourself of certain aspects before venturing.

There are different types of fireplaces, coatings or stoves on the market depending on your tastes and needs. The first thing you should keep in mind, first of all, is the space you want to heat. Make a list of your priorities: identity what are the spaces in your house that you want to receive more heat, and then weigh what is most important to you, maintenance, performance, cleanliness … Each of these features will make you decant for one model or another.

Keep in mind that, to a greater or lesser extent, your fireplace will require installation, so it is always a good idea to think long-term and consider the fireplace not only as a decorative element but as the main method of keeping your home warm:

Calculate your space well

This will undoubtedly be one of the most important steps when choosing our fireplace. It is convenient to calculate carefully the space that we have and study well both the dimensions of your stay and the location where you would like to place it. For this, it is always advisable to go to a professional who can advise us properly.

On the other hand, if you do not have smoke ducts, it does not have to be a problem, since there is always the possibility of building them from scratch according to the space you have. You just have to adapt the budget to the magnitude of the installation you need.

Choose the right fireplace

When we think of chimneys, the image that usually comes to mind is that of the traditional fireplace, open, with firewood and carved into a solid wall of dark stones. However, there are currently hundreds of models adapted to different needs, so they are usually classified according to their form of combustion . As for its design, the truth is that technological innovation has given rise to so many possibilities, that it is difficult to establish specific categories. There are embedded in the wall, mobile, closed, open, and even hanging from the ceiling. At the end of this article, we have left you one of our galleries so you can get an idea of ​​the infinite options that exist.

Types of combustion

  • Wood burning fireplaces: they are the “lifelong ones”, without closing, of those that need a poker to fan the fire. Although they have an important aesthetic component, these types of fireplaces are not very efficient, since the heat “easily escapes”, not to mention the expense of the firewood itself. Finally, it is important to underline also the importance of cleaning in this type of chimneys, since the waste it generates can become harmful to our health.
  • Gas fireplaces: these are chimneys that, instead of firewood, use a pilot and gas flame, following the same operation as traditional kitchen stoves. The advantage of this type of chimneys is that it hardly generates any waste, but it usually has, as a counterpart, a much higher price, and they do not keep heat when they are turned off.
  • Bioethanol fireplaces: they are the cleanest and most environmentally friendly and, as with gas fireplaces, do not generate fumes, with the difference that bioethanol emits between 40% and 80% fewer greenhouse gases.
  • Pellet fireplaces: they are chimneys that work with a biodegradable and ecological type of fuel, cheaper than firewood and of great energy efficiency.
  • Electric fireplaces: it is a type of chimney that does not require work or gas conduits since it is enough to connect them to the electricity grid.

We have some inspiring ideas, comment on how you feel about the following cozy fireplaces:












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