Keeping The Lowest Point Of A Room The Highlight Of The Design

In any home or building, there is always a piece of furniture, a quirk in the design or something outstanding that people marvel at. It is always easy to look at eye level or look up but it is very easy to overlook the lowest point of the room that may be a masterpiece of design or a magnificent rug or carpet that the designer believes is amazing. It is even easier to miss out of this if the rug or carpet is not perfectly clean thanks to a lack of proper carpet cleaning and what was a highlight of the space become unnoticed.

Style never fades

Certain styles and thinking may change but when it comes to flooring good quality carpet is a style and a fashion that always remains. The combination of functionality and design come together on the floor more often than many imagine. Tiles are one thing but getting things right with carpets and rugs is something else. Colour and softness matched with the perfect pile or shag can make a room or break a room. The carpet or rug often tops off a masterpiece of design even if it may be under your feet. But what do people see when they look down? What do they see under their feet when space has been lived in and dogs, cats, children and adults and walked back and forth on a flooring work of art? What do you want people to see?

Keeping the carpet alive

Tiles are easy to maintain and clean, this is why they are used. Granite, terracotta, and porcelain are easily brushed and mopped and the color barely fades and they can be made to look like new in a matter of seconds. Carpets, on the other hand, attract dirt and seem to be the ultimate dirt magnets. Filth builds up and before too long the once dazzling masterpiece of design is a dreary and very plain piece of flooring that somehow starves the room of life. Carpets need care and this is perhaps a reason why designers don’t use them as often as they could as modern lifestyles are all about easy clean and fast pace. Carpets need attention and this costs time and money or it means simply making sure no one or no animal walks on or comes near to your work of art of the floor and this is just not practical.

Invest in your carpet

A carpet or rug can make or break a room. Carpets and rugs create warmth and softness and they can, of course, fill a room with color and life. To maintain this the services of a professional carpet cleaner are essential and they become the best investment you can make. If you love your carpets and rugs you need to love them back. Maintenance on carpets is part of owning them and if your carpet really does make you room or space what it is then the investment is more than worth it.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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