Interior Design Tips To Help With A Quick House Sale

Selling a property is never an easy task, especially if you have time pressures influencing your sale. We have had a think and produced five of our top tips to help you achieve that sought-after quick house sale that you need.


The lighting with in any home is essential to creating the right mood and feel. The best way to increase the appeal of a property and generate a welcoming vibe, is by having bright lights throughout. Also, having these bright lights can make smaller rooms feel more spacious.

The most cost-effective bulbs to have in are LED. They are initially expensive however they can make your property seem well loved.

If your property has dark areas, try to strategically place any floor lamps you already possess. Placing floor lamps into dark spots can increase the brightness of a room and, again, make a room more so spacious.

To achieve your quick sale and impress prospective buyers coming to view your home, make sure to have all your blinds and curtains open. Natural light is the best type of lighting so use it to the max! To add and get the most use out of natural lightning, try hang mirrors opposite windows or natural light sources. This can again make a room appear bigger than it is.

De-cluttering and Cleaning

You may have just read this subtitle and thought, eugh. But unfortunately, de-cluttering and cleaning is the best way to get your property looking good and increase the likelihood of it selling quickly.

Even if you have only lived in the property you are about to sell for a short period of time, we have no doubt that you will have accumulated a few too many items. Decluttering can seem like the last job that you want to do, but it is essential. To start decluttering, work room by room looking through over-flowing draws, cupboards or wherever you store objects. It is crucial that main areas of your home such as the living room, are tidy as potential buyers will be trying to visualise their belongings in your home.

The great part of decluttering is when you do eventually move, you will have less to pack. Hoorah!

Now that you have decluttered, it is time to get the rubber gloves on (which we know can be as equally as boring as decluttering). When cleaning, try not to leave any area untouched. Try to work top to bottom to remove stains and dust.

At the start, there may seem like a lot to clean, although in the long run you will reap the benefits. Buyers will see how well maintained and loved the property is, henceforth creating a great first impression.

Maximise Key Areas

There are certain rooms within a household that can arguably be classed as being the heart of a property. For example, the kitchen is seen as the most important room due to it being an entertaining facility and due to its functions. Or, the living room can equally be seen as vital as it is a place where homeowners can relax. Whichever room you believe has the most importance and priority in your property, neither should be overlooked.

Many homeowners assume a rather large price tag when it comes to updating rooms such as the kitchen, living room or bathroom; However, there are alternatives to buying a new suite.

Updating a room, even if the changes are small, can produce a large transformation. If you are starting with the kitchen or bathroom, why not re-grout between tiles to create a tidy and fresh look. On old looking cupboards, you could repaint the outer doors and replace the handles. This will modernise the look of your kitchen/bathroom.

If any of the rooms you are working on have stains in the carpets, try to remove them. Try using powders on your carpet to remove all bacteria. Or, if you are wanting to give a room a new look, why not try exposing the wooden floorboards beneath. By removing carpets and polishing the floor boards from underneath, this can change the appearance of the room and update it accordingly.

Get The Painting Brushes Out

Getting your hands dirty with a bit of paint is one of the cheapest ways to get that desired quick sale. Re-glossing or repainting internal walls and wooden areas can help keep a modern appearance throughout a property.

If you decide to repaint walls, try to select a colour from a neutral palette, as this will make a room feel spacious and stop it from becoming outdated quickly, here are a few great ideas & tips.

If you don’t have the time to re-do painting walls, then a great way of freshening a room is by re-glossing. Choosing this option can allow a room to appear cleaner and up to date. Make sure if you do decide to do this, you sand down the areas properly and add a base coat before painting over the top.

Let’s Get Fixing

Most of us can think of certain areas in a property that have been over looked and need a bit of love. Well instead of continuing to walk past them, lets get fixing! Even the smallest of fixes can add value to a house and in turn make your property more desirable to buy. The best way to tackle fixes is by going around your home checking for anything that needs fixing. These may be quick and short fixes such as changing bulbs, fixing the flush on a toilet or even screwing a tap on tighter to prevent a leak.

The more fixes that are completed will help directly impact the buyer’s perception of your property and help you to achieve a quick sale.


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