Inspiring Models and Projects of Small Living Room Rack

The rack is an indispensable piece of furniture in the room. It has several uses and can be a wildcard in decoration too. However, it is necessary to know how to choose the right model, especially if your room is small, otherwise, you run the risk of having a white elephant in your house, just taking up space and useless. Learn more about the small room rack:

For this reason, in today’s post, you will know everything you need about racks for small rooms, so there is no mistake when buying yours. Make a note of each:

Measure your room

First of all, you need to know what space is available for the rack, already discounting the location where the other furniture will be, such as a sofa and coffee table. Do not forget that it is necessary to leave space for circulation. Take all the measurements and even make a drawing on the paper to better visualize the finished space.

I can do anything, but not everything suits me

There are several rack models for sale in physical stores and online. Sites like Magazine Luiza, Casas Bahia, Ponto Frio, and OLX offer a huge variety of living room racks that are almost impossible not to be in doubt about which one to buy.

TV panel racks are one of the most sought after today. They have a modern design and perfectly accommodate the new thin-screen devices, and also help to hide all that tangle of wires. Some paneled rack options come with shelves, while others even have sliding doors.


There are also rack models that consist of just one thick shelf hanging from the wall. These more minimalist types are ideal for those who just want a TV stand or a stand for a few decorative objects. If you have a lot of things around the room, run away from these models so the place doesn’t become a mess.

The racks with legs and partitions, which can be doors or drawers, tend to have a more retro look and combine well with decorations of this style and, especially, with those who have a lot to store and organize in the room. Low racks, usually without feet or just on casters, are also very popular and help keep everything organized. The taller models should be used with care so as not to clash with the rest of the decor, nor take up too much space.

Choose the model based on your needs and check if the dimensions of your room match the size of the chosen rack.

For each style, a different color, and material from the small room rack

The rack is part of the decoration of the room, so you should also take into account its color and material. The solid wood racks, demolition, or patina application combine with rustic style environments. Although more sophisticated decorations benefit a lot from wood, especially those with a darker and closed tone.

The racks with details in glass, metal, or white MDF are ideal for composing modern, minimalist, or more clean and neutral style decorations. The brightly colored racks, such as red, yellow, and blue, combined with vintage decor proposals.


What do you need a small room rack for?

Assuming you have a small room, this question is indispensable. After all, every element inserted in a small room needs a reason to be there. Otherwise, it is more appropriate to rethink the presence of furniture in the environment.

Is the biggest purpose of furniture for TV? If the answer is yes, check that the panel is not enough, so you save space in the room. Now, if you have special objects to display in your decor, you will need shelves or niches. The racks with doors and drawers take up more space, being indicated only if you have a lot of things to store to avoid an accumulation of objects in the room. Evaluate this item carefully, it will guarantee the functionality of your rack and the best use of the small room.

How is the wall that will receive the rack?

The wall that receives the rack is usually the one that stands out most in the room. Therefore, it is useless to invest in a beautiful piece of furniture that matches the decor if it will be leaning against a wall capable of taking all its shine. Often just new paint on the wall is enough to receive the new rack. But if you intend to appreciate this place in the room, invest in a differentiated covering that can be exposed brick, texturing, or 3D, for example.

Check now a selection of pictures of racks for small rooms. You will have the best inspirations to make the right rack choice and transform your room:










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