Inspiring Light Grey Bedrooms That Will Warm Your Heart

Modern, elegant or casual. The light grey bedroom can take on different styles depending on how you work with the colours and elements present in the decor.

Light grey has become one of the preferred colours for decorating environments, displacing traditional colours such as white and beige. In part, this appreciation of the light grey colour has a lot to do with industrial and urban aesthetics.

But it doesn’t end there. Light grey can also reveal minimalist, elegant, sober and even relaxed bedrooms.

How to use light grey in bedroom decor?

On the wall

Light grey wall paint is the simplest, easiest and most economical way to add colour to the room. You can invest in a uniform wall, a geometric wall, or, even a textured wall, especially the burnt cement that gives an even more modern touch to the decor.

On the bedding

Sheets, duvets, pillows and footboards can also bring a light grey colour into the room. It is even worth combining different shades of grey in the layers and making a stylish monochromatic bed.

On the furnishings

A wardrobe, bedside table, desk, armchair and other furniture are another way to add the grey colour to the bedroom decor.

But be careful with excesses so that the room does not look like a public office. Look for furniture with modern details, textures and details that break the sobriety of grey.

On carpets and curtains

Carpets and curtains bring a light grey colour into the room and add texture and, therefore, a cosy atmosphere. That is why these elements are indispensable in light grey bedroom decor.

In the decorative details

Light fixtures, ornaments, and other decorative knick-knacks can be used to add light grey and lighter or darker undertones to the decor.

You don’t have to make a room completely grey, from the wall to the lamp. The idea is to evaluate which of these elements the light grey colour suits you and your decorating proposal.

Check out light grey bedroom ideas now and get inspiration in planning your own bedroom:










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