Inspiring Ideas To Design A Kitchen Open To The Living Room

Far from rigid and closed spaces, current homes are moving towards the most absolute versatility after the crisis caused by the pandemic. In fact, open kitchens are a trend thanks to the need to create spacious and multifunctional spaces that help us optimize the space in the home.

In this type of design, the partitions disappear from the interiors to unite the kitchen and living room and create a large space full of comfort, and above all, light. If you are thinking of creating a kitchen open to the living room at home, today we bring you 5 examples of kitchens open to the living room that we have seen in Porcelanosa and that may serve as inspiration.

1. Glass Wall Kitchens

Kitchens with glass enclosures are the perfect solution for those who want to win in creating visually spacious spaces, but making them independent in light and transparent way. With large transparent doors, glass sliding doors, with panels (my favorites without a doubt) … these are some of the options that will help you create a decorative element that also separates environments.

2. Kitchens open to the living room with island

When designing a kitchen integrated into the living room, a kitchen island can help create a transition zone between the kitchen itself and the living/dining room area. If you put stools, the separation between both areas will be much more effective.

The deco idea: To definitely integrate the kitchen into the living room, you can bet on kitchen furniture without handles and shades that coordinate both areas.

3. Kitchens open to the living room with natural stone bar

To achieve a sophisticated and elegant effect for the kitchen, there is nothing like installing a natural stone bar to separate the kitchen area from the living room. The aesthetics of granite or quartzite will allow you to create integrated and stylish rooms thanks to the timelessness of natural stones.

4. Elevated Open Kitchens

To visually delimit the kitchen area within the large multifunctional space that forms next to the living room, you can bet on installing a step. A subtle detail that will serve as a room delimiter.


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