Inspiring Ideas For Having The Perfect Bed Without A Headboard

Some things seem inseparable. This is the case with the bed and the headboard. But after centuries of relationship, the fashion is now the bed without a headboard in your bedroom.

That’s right! The headboard left the scene to make room for more modern, spacious, bold, and, of course, economical rooms. Is the bed without a headboard for you too? Find out more in this post and take the opportunity to get inspired with ideas for a bed without a headboard. Come and see!

Bed ideas without headboard


The simplest, quickest, and cheapest way to leave the headboard is by painting. For those who want to demarcate the bed area well, the tip is to bet on a painting that follows the shape and size of the furniture. In a solid painting, the paint can reach the height of the ceiling or even be carried to it creating a super modern and original effect. But you can still bet on other types of painting, such as geometric, ombré, and half wall.


Wallpaper is another great option for those who want to have a bed without a headboard. 

Simple and easy to install, the wallpaper can frame the bed with a lot of style and personality, you just need to choose the texture and pattern that best matches the decor.


The wall sticker works very similarly to the wallpaper, but it creates a hollow effect, merging with the wall. The sticker is a highly sought-after option for those who want to highlight a special phrase or words in their bedroom decor.


Pillows are great for solving a bed without a headboard. They bring comfort and are practically indispensable, even if you use other ideas for a bed without a headboard, such as wallpaper or painting. They can simply be supported on the wall or even fixed with the help of a rod, like curtains.


Have you ever thought about installing a shelf over the bed? This tip is very valid, especially for those who always have something to support before bed, whether it’s their cell phone, glasses, book, or glass of water. 

The shelf must be installed at a height that does not interfere with anyone sitting on the bed. So measure before installing.

How about now getting inspired with 50 more ideas for a bed without a headboard? Just look!











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