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Setting up a girl’s room is a fun step as all the elements must bring out the child’s personality and style. Before planning, research and try to harmonize your references with your daughter’s taste. If she is a little older, respect, listen, and ask for her help in choosing the theme, colors, furniture, and decorative accessories.

The layout of the girl’s room must have a very comfortable space, after all, it is the place where you will spend most of your time. An important and fundamental piece of furniture is the study table, so pay close attention to lighting so that it is present in every area.

When decorating, give preference to the child’s favorite colors. If you want to get away from pink, lilac is the big bet! A wallpaper with polka dots enchants and makes the room very feminine! Just remember that this little corner should be organized to make everyday life easier!

How to decorate a girl’s room

There once was a world where every girl was an astronaut, a princess, or a scientist, dreaming of changing the universe. In this world, the bedroom was the small planet where those dreams took shape and color. Between reality and dreams, let’s discover here the tips for decorating a girl’s room:

Discovering preferences

One of the first steps when starting to design a girl’s bedroom decor is to find out her preferences and desires. Does she prefer bright or bright colors? Do you prefer superheroines, princesses, or cartoon characters? Does she love art, science, or sports? The idea is to build an environment that reflects the personality and that makes the girl feel welcome and comfortable.


Now that you’ve identified preferences, it’s time to start planning. In this process, it is crucial to measure the dimensions of the room to avoid future problems. Planning involves creating a layout for the bedroom, considering the distribution of space, the position of furniture, and the specific needs of the child, such as a play and study area.

Furniture and accessories

Having a practical desk, a comfortable bed, storage spaces, and other suitable furniture are essential, after all, they are key pieces in the decor. Accessories such as pillows, curtains, and rugs can add a touch of personality and charm to the bedroom decor. Dedicate yourself to taking into account every detail in creating an inspiring environment.


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