Inspiring Blue and White Kitchen Ideas

Tired of the usual white kitchen? So how about giving it colour but without losing elegance and neutrality? The tip for this is to rely on the blue and white kitchen.

A modern option that breaks with the colours traditionally used in kitchens.

Why blue and white?

It could be yellow, purple, red or green. But why a blue and white kitchen? Blue is a cool colour that has a positive effect on emotions, inducing feelings of calm, serenity and well-being.

For this reason, it is used as an alternative to neutral colours since its sensory effects are discreet. Blue is still very much associated with modern and elegant decorations, especially when used in more closed and darker tones.

On the other hand, blue can also be used in more relaxed decorations when used in light and warm tones such as turquoise. In combination with white, blue inspires refined and illuminated environments.

Despite all this, a blue and white kitchen can be the way out for those who want to bring some colour into the decor, but without losing the clean, the neutral and elegant side that neutral colours like the white offer.

Beyond blue and white

The blue and white kitchen does not have to be only in this chromatic duo. You can add other colours with pinpoint accuracy, especially in the details.

Gray, for example, supports the modern style of decoration and can be used on surfaces such as countertops and even on the floor in harmony with white. Another very welcome colour in blue and white kitchen decor is woodsy. The colour can come from the natural tone of the furniture, such as tables and chairs, as well as from the floor or wall covering. This trio brings a cosier and more welcoming touch to the decor.

If you prefer to bring beachy flair to the kitchen, invest in beige tones in combination with white and blue without hesitation. Here’s a tip: invest in textures that bring out those colours naturally, like straw objects.

Metallic tones are also successful in blue and white kitchens. Colour tones such as gold, rose gold and copper bring shine to the kitchen when used in details such as fittings, handles or lamps. The blue and white kitchen can still receive a subtle touch of black to tie in a modern and sophisticated decor. Add black as a counterpoint between the main colours and see how the kitchen look is enhanced.

Check out the blue and white kitchen ideas to get inspired before planning yours:











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