Inspirational Terraces, Gardens And Balconies You Will Love

The beautiful days are slowly coming and it’s time to give our outdoor spaces a little boost! At the end of winter, the garden, terrace, and balcony often look bad. After a good cleaning, you will be able to launch out in the plantations, but also in all the decoration!

Whether we rely on furniture with contemporary lines or for a bohemian style decor; Whether you like colorful gardens or on the contrary very green, discover our favorite ideas to inspire you for the design of your terraces, gardens, and balconies.

Set up a small balcony with lots of plants

If you have a small, shallow balcony, take the opportunity to create a real cocoon of greenery. Like a bubble of oxygen, this green atmosphere will do you good morale!

To do this, bet on pots of different sizes and in various places: a small pot on the table, a planter hanging on the railing, a container placed directly on the ground. Your balcony will quickly look like a small jungle!

Opt for a black siding

Black has this gift of bringing out colors. So why not adopt it in our gardens? Here, the black cladding brings depth while modernizing the space. It also brings out the vegetation, which looks even lusher!

Arrange a reed pergola

The reed pergola will charm you. With its natural finish and graphic and irregular lines, it will be absolutely perfect for a bohemian or ethnic atmosphere. And for even more style, bet on palm trees and bamboo!

Collect the shrubs

If you are not into flowers, you can always go for a greener solution. Potted shrubs can also become your best allies: depending on the species, you will find flowering or not, very leafy trees but also varieties to prune. Thus, this pretty mixture will form a beautiful green space, both modern and dynamic!

A black screen with plants

Once again, the dark invites itself on a balcony, but this time on a privacy screen. To accentuate the idea of ​​nature in the city, it is dressed in hanging green plants and colorful heather.

A vegetal pergola

Nothing like a plant pergola for romantic and refreshing decor! Here, the large sections of white fabric and the candle suspension complete this delicate and poetic atmosphere.


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