Inspirational Ideas Of Small Yet Modern Planned Kitchens

Looking for inspiration from small, modern kitchens? So comes more, we have a lot to talk about. These days, small kitchens are the overwhelming reality of most new homes and apartments.

As a result, planned woodworking turned out to be the most viable option to organize, decorate and furnish this very important room in the house. But if you are lost without knowing how to design your kitchen, don’t worry because we have brought you many tips and ideas to inspire you. Check out:

6 decorating tips

Harmonize the use of colors

Nothing is more important in small and modern planned kitchens than the harmonious and balanced use of colors. As a rule, light colors are always indicated because they help to visually expand spaces and enhance natural lighting.

A good tip for this is to bet on the use of light colors at the top of the kitchen and dark colors at the bottom, so the feeling of spaciousness remains.


Another well-known solution in small and modern planned kitchen projects is verticalization, that is, freeing up as much space on the floor as possible and putting as many things as possible on the walls.

And the best way to do this is using overhead cabinets, shelves, niches, and even hangers, such as Eucatex boards, which work great for organizing kitchen utensils.

Minimalism in the kitchen

Anyone who has a small kitchen will, at one time or another, realize that it is not possible to store thousands of plastic pots or stack piles and piles of dishes.

The solution, in this case, is to keep only the essentials and what you use daily, without excesses. This way it is possible to organize the kitchen much more easily and ensure practicality in everyday life.

Enjoy all spaces

Every corner of the small kitchen needs to be put to good use, both for the planned carpentry and for the organization you will do in it.

This includes, for example, adopting hooks on the inside of cabinets to occupy, as best as possible, spaces that would otherwise be vacant.

Decorate with functionality

Put everything you use daily in the kitchen as a decoration object. This way, you can avoid unnecessary objects and the feeling that the kitchen is crammed with things.

On the countertop, for example, you can leave cooking utensils, such as wooden spoons, and shells hanging on a hook or inside a pot.

Use plants

There’s always room for a little plant, isn’t there? They make any place more beautiful and cozy. You can place a vase on top of the shelf or top of the closet. Just avoid the area close to the stove so you don’t risk burning the greens.

How about now check out these 10 ideas of small and modern planned kitchens? Get inspired:








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