Inspirational Flower Panels That Will make You Want To Have One In Your Home

The flower panel is winning hearts! This trend of delicate and romantic decoration is beautiful to highlight the cake table or, even, to serve as a backdrop for photos. There are still those who prefer to take the floral panel indoors, as a decorative piece in bedrooms, entrance hall or even in the living room.

And the good thing about this story is that you can make the flower panel yourself from the simple and practical tutorials we brought you in this post. Let’s check it out?

How to make a flower panel: tips and models to get inspired

There are different types of flower panels to choose from. Some carry natural flowers, others artificial flowers, while there are those made with giant paper flowers. You can even mix the flowers with other elements, such as branches, leaves, balloons and whatever else your party’s theme allows.

Here are the different types of flower panels and how to make each one.

Natural flower panel

Natural flowers are always preferred for decoration, including panels. However, in order not to weigh down your pocket and for the flowers to keep for a longer time, it is important to pay attention to some details. The first one is to choose the flowers of the season. They are cheaper and more durable. Another important point is the date of assembly of the panel. Prefer to assemble it at most a day in advance so that the flowers remain vigorous.

It is also important that the panel is placed in a cool, airy place as the sun can wither and burn the flower petals. You can choose any type of flower for the panel, it all depends on the style you want to take to the party. For a more classic and romantic event, such as a wedding, the preferred flowers are roses and peonies.

For a more relaxed and informal event, such as a birthday party, it is worth opting for colorful and cheerful flowers, such as gerberas, daisies and sunflowers.

Here you have a DIY we found on the internet, so it might be extra helpful!

Here are 50 inspirational flower panel ideas for you to do too!










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