Impressive Rustic Cottage-Indigo. By Bo Design.

A very elegant rustic cottage named by Indigo is amazing chalet with a stunning views. It is constructed by Bo Design.In this chalet there is a combination of urban, natural and organic aspect. It is very stylish and every detail is designed to fit in this perfect areas.

The exterior of this chalet or cottage is made of stone and wood. Very unique design of decoration that is mix of pieces selected with taste. This all together create a very comfortable and cozy environments. We are sure that living in here is a wonderful experience.

Non of you can resist wish to even just visit this place and feel the atmosphere of relaxation. It is like in fairy tale, just converted into modern style. If you are looking for place where relaxation and meditation is possible, this perfect place for you.

This is where the harmony meets creativity. You just can’t take eyes from the luxury and all the others amenities . The designers wanted to create exterior that will mirror the surroundings. That is why wood and stone are dominating, and everything is made in a rustic manner.


Tags: architecture, art, decorations, design, interior design, outdoor design, residental

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