Important Qualities to Look for in a Single-Family Home

Purchasing your first family home can be a transformative experience. For many homeowners, receiving the keys to their first house represents a huge step on the path to adulthood. Of course, this isn’t to say that all family homes are created equal. When it comes to houses of this type, there’s no “one size fits all” model. Homes that are perfectly suited to the needs of some families may be downright untenable for others. As such, it pays to exercise discernment when shopping around for the right single-family home. To help ensure that you find a residence your entire crew will love, keep the following qualities in mind when making your more decisions.

Sufficient Bedrooms

Everyone needs a space to call their own. Even in the most congested of households, each family member needs a place in which they’re able to feel completely at peace. For most children, the bedroom serves this purpose. However, when kids are forced to share bedrooms, it can be difficult for them to feel as if any part of a home truly belongs to them. That being the case, when perusing potential homes, limit your options to residences that feature enough bedrooms for each individual child. Additionally, if you intend to expand your family in the near future, take this into consideration during your search. After all, if another child will soon be in the picture, an additional bedroom is going to be needed.

Ample Yard Space

Having ample yard space can serve your family well in a number of areas. For starters, if you have dogs who enjoy spending time outdoors, a spacious yard can provide them with the perfect place to burn off their excess energy. Similarly, if you have small children, a large yard can double as an outdoor play area. Simply add a high-quality swing set and sandbox to provide your little ones with their very own home playground.

A spacious yard is also ideal for families that enjoy hosting outdoor gatherings. So, if you’d never say no to a backyard barbecue, pool party or casual get-together, ample yard space should be among the qualities you look for in a home.

Lack of Existing Damage

When purchasing a lived-in home, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider. For example, how much cosmetic damage did the previous owners cause? Additionally, are there any outstanding plumbing, electrical or structural issues with the property? In some cases, such problems don’t even become apparent until the new owners have moved in.

If dealing with a home that’s extremely lived-in doesn’t strike you as an appealing prospect, you may want to limit your choices to brand-new developments. Anyone interested in renting a single-family home may be interested to learn that Wan Bridge is a build-to-rent developer.

Proximity to Local Businesses

Although some people relish living in secluded areas, many of us prefer to be close to local businesses. In addition to helping you save money on gas, living in a close proximity to grocery stores, restaurants and other centers of commerce is just plain convenient. Needless to say, making a long journey every time you need to run a simple errand can be incredibly cumbersome.

It also helps if your new residence is located within easy driving distance of your place of business. Even under the best of circumstances, the daily commute can be a slog, and the less time you have to spend on the road, the better. By the same token, choosing a home that’s fairly close to your children’s schools can also prove helpful, as this ensures that their commute will only facilitate the bare minimum of stress – for both you and them.

Moving into your first family home can be an unforgettable milestone in your journey through life. Considering how enormous an investment a home represents, it’s in your best interest to be as selective as possible when searching for the perfect home for your family. However, if this is your first time shopping for a house, you may be unclear on what qualities you should keep an eye out for. In your quest to find the ideal residence for you and your loved ones, you’d do well to prioritize the features discussed above.


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