Ideas To Give Your Home A New Style By Reusing What You Already Have

Changing your home with minimal investment is possible. Bet on sustainable decoration and responsibly renew your spaces.  Confinement has forced us to spend much more time at home, which has led us to reflect on how we feel at home, its shortcomings, and excesses. In addition, teleworking and other changes in habits have led to new needs for which, perhaps, our house was not prepared.

All this means that, to a greater or lesser extent, we have all felt the desire to renovate certain rooms to adapt them to the new situation and provide them with greater comfort.

Surely even today you are still looking for solutions to make better use of space and give your home a new look so that, wherever you look, you like what you see. And the truth is that you can do it with minimal investment and taking advantage of practically everything you have.  The key to achieving this is to respect the principles of responsible decoration. Which, in addition to saving your pocket, avoids unjustified consumption and contributes to caring for the planet. Three in one!

Where to start?

The first step, they point out, is to analyze the people who share the space. Well, the number of people who live together, their hobbies, hobbies and specific needs will give you many clues about the changes that should be carried out.

Second, to organize ideas and gain clarity, they propose to create a list with three differentiated columns to write down what you have, what you want, and, above all, what you really need.

Next, it’s time to reflect on how you want your new home to be: what style do you want to give it, what sensations do you want it to convey, etc. At this point, you will also have to think about the colors and materials that you want to predominate.

On the other hand, they remember that you have to be realistic about the space you have and be aware at all times of the budget you have. Well, only then will you be able to keep track of your spending so you don’t go overboard with your purchases.  Saving energy is another of the pillars of responsible interior design. Therefore, experts in sustainable decoration recommend that, in this preliminary phase, solutions are also sought that help to make the most of natural light

Once this analysis is done, it is time to start selecting the new elements and think about furniture, accessories, textiles, and everything you need to give your home that new look you are looking for. But how to do it without spending much money?

Get rid of what you no longer need

It is useless to accumulate things that you do not use, do not want, or do not serve you. If you let go of them, you can clear the rooms and keep what really makes you happy. Give someone that painting that you no longer like or sell that piece of furniture that has become a hindrance to give it a second life.

Change the furniture around

Make a new distribution of the furniture, optimizing the available space, favoring circulation through the rooms, and facilitating ventilation and the entry of natural light, which will fill your rooms with life.

Bring your walls to life

With a minimal investment in paint or wallpaper (much better if they are ecological), you can transform any room. You can use paper, for example, to decorate the wall at the head of your bed and update your bedroom.

Pamper the old

If you have an antique piece of furniture or with a certain personality, give it prominence and make it not compete with others that have visual weight. Clear the area where you put it and combine it with decorative objects or more contemporary paintings to play with different styles.

Don’t forget the little details

Investing in textiles and plants is always a wise move to take advantage of a limited budget when changing the look of your home. With little money, you can integrate new cushions, curtains, and rugs that update the air of your house; and natural plants, which decorate and bring life and freshness to your home.

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