Ideas on How to Decorate Fireplaces That Will Blow Your Mind

Autumn is here, and that means that the temperatures will begin to drop little by little, making the fireplaces the absolute protagonists of the living rooms, because there is nothing as cozy and homey as spending a rainy afternoon next to the heat of the fire! Marble, stone… whatever yours, in this topic you will learn how to decorate fireplaces like a true styling professional, promised!


Are you thinking of giving your fireplace a total autumn look? This image will give you great ideas! For starters, stick with the eucalyptus leaf garland, it is a natural detail that suits any style. Nor should one or more chandeliers be missing (depending on the size of the fireplace). In this case, wooden chandeliers have been chosen, but you can choose them in the gold medal or even in black, always to your liking! We continue with the crown of wooden discs and mini pumpkins painted white that intertwine with the leaves. The perfect culmination for decoration (although if you are more of simple things, you may find it too much ).


The decoration of this marble fireplace is much more restrained, although it is not without charm at all. In fact, we couldn’t like it more. The key? Choose an old framed sheet music as the centerpiece, and flank it by four symmetrically placed black chandeliers. The master touch is put by the plants (pay attention to the wonderful detail of the books as support) since they add the necessary dose of naturalness so that the whole is not too rigid and boring.


Another option to decorate marble fireplaces with stately charm is to bet on old paintings and illustrations and pay attention to the choice of frames. These will help you recreate that atmosphere of sophistication so common in Victorian-era homes. Here, a large baroque-style mirror with a gold frame and aged finish accompanies a painting illustrating a day at the beach and an old portrait. The decoration is completed with two white chandeliers and a fern that adds freshness.


The warm and orange tones of autumn bring life to this fireplace where the elements play with the famous rule of thirds. On the left, a bouquet of dried leaves in a large vase; in the center, a round mirror with a gold frame and a center with mini pumpkins; and to the right, three wooden chandeliers with different heights. Three sections with the perfect distribution to catch the eye immediately.


As if it were a tribute to the rustic style, a large fiber basket crowns the wall above the fireplace. With such dimensions, the best way not to overload the space or break the magic of the composition is to choose a few elements to accompany the decoration. Two candle holders, a vase, and a mini planter are more than enough.


We can’t think of a more beautiful way to decorate a rustic wooden shelf than with hanging plants. In this fireplace, in addition, a mirror with a wooden frame was chosen so that the white wall would not be bare, conceiving a beautiful composition that is completed with two black chandeliers on the right. Without a doubt, the most natural option.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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