Ideas For a Living Room With Too High Ceilings

The strong desire for large spaces makes high ceilings a decorative asset rather than a disadvantage. However, this generous, even intimidating dimension, can discourage some buyers for many reasons: lack of acoustic and thermal insulation, not very warm atmosphere, and difficulty in occupying the space in its entirety. It is considered that the distance between floor and ceiling is above average from 2.50 meters (average of the standard size of recent housing). 

How to make a ceiling lower? 

A significant marker of Haussmannian apartments and modern lofts, the ceiling height considered excessive indeed requires a handful of judicious arrangements to be appreciated at its fair value. In addition to installing a false ceiling to minimize the verticality of the room and avoid an inappreciable feeling of floating, other solutions exist to both emphasize the remarkable volume of the place and modify the slender perspectives. The secret lies in fully exploiting the space by compiling the right tricks. Cozy supplement.

How to break the height of a living room? 

Much appreciated in living rooms for the instant conviviality it provides, living room in mind, a ceiling deemed too high can nevertheless be lowered and exploited to reveal its full potential. Painting, wallpaper, XXL lighting, walls of frames and mirrors, creation of a mezzanine or installation of a bookcase, and spinning storage, the ingenious alternatives are multiplying to break the height of the room. The proof with our best inspirations to copy when you have a living room with too high a ceiling

Join our selection of the most beautiful living rooms with high ceilings:











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