Hydraulic flooring – Reasons why it is still the trending floor

With original geometric motifs, bright colors, and prominence in decoration, hydraulic floors continue to be a trend. The key to succeeding with the placement of a floor or another type of hydraulic coating is to give it prominence and use other neutral colors and smooth materials so as not to saturate the environment too much.


Cement, sand, and mineral pigments are the base of the hydraulic tile formula, normally used as flooring, although it can also function as a wall tile. Generally, we see hydraulic floors in kitchens and bathrooms, although they are not exclusive to these two rooms. Its generally geometric shapes, between graphic and floral, exude charm with a tremendously personal vintage touch.

Its name is due to the hydraulic press that was used at the beginning, at the end of the 19th century, to compact the various layers that make it up, including the decorated upper one, and it is still made by hand in practically the same way as then. The good thing is that today you can find faithful reproductions just as beautiful, although at a much more affordable price since their production is far from the original craft. 


The number of designs that we can find in hydraulic floors (from geometric, and floral to original border patterns) makes it a very versatile alternative that fits into any style. Even if you mix trends, you get very cozy spaces. Here the floor with classic medallions is the best combination with the natural wood bathroom furniture.


Hydraulic floors are beautiful, that is undeniable. Some are even precious (because they are true handmade jewels). Its strength and attractiveness are indisputable since its mere presence automatically gives a space personality. To get it right, give it all the prominence and install it in a kitchen, bathroom, or other room. Bet on solid colors around. Neutrals always work but you can play with a block color, one of those present in the hydraulic one.


Although outdoors and in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms needs a waterproofing varnish to protect it from humidity -if we are talking about authentic hydraulic tiles-, due to its porosity, it is easy to maintain (just use neutral soap and water) and resistant. If you opt for ceramics that imitate this finish then you will have all the comfort. It is perfect for wet areas (both on floors and walls). There are also types of vinyl with a hydraulic finish for an express change.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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