How Would a Gothic Wedding Look?

The unconventional gothic wedding is the new option for in-love couples who want to ensure personality and style for the occasion.

This kind of wedding, influenced by the pagan aesthetics of the medieval era, has an air of mystery and melancholy that is also passionate and enticing—looking for more information on the gothic wedding? So check out all the advice and suggestions listed below.

What does a Gothic wedding represent?

The Gothic wedding makes reference to the Gothic aesthetic, which dates back to the medieval period and more significantly, the twelfth century in France.

Initially only used to describe the architecture, the term Gothic has since come to encompass a broad aesthetic movement that includes visual arts, fashion, and even, more lately, music, bands, films, and television shows.

Germans are credited with starting the Gothic trend, which stands for anything “dark,” “mysterious,” or even “sad” and “melancholic.”

Gothic culture grew stronger and started to have an impact on people with a lot of personalities starting in the 1980s. Additionally, around this time, romantic, vampiric, punk, and glam rock subgenres of gothic emerged.

Characteristics and elements of a Gothic-style wedding

First and foremost, grooms who embrace the gothic culture or who wish to create this eerie mood at their wedding must break out from all the established conventions of typical weddings.

Check out how much simpler it is to include the following elements with this shift in perspective:

Dark hues

The use of gloomy colors, especially black, is one of the Gothic movement’s defining traits. And this would be the same for a gothic wedding. The bride’s dress and other wedding-related attire are all black, as is the decor. However, depending on the style you’re going for, black is not the only color that may be employed; shades like purple, fiery red, gold, and even white can be used with it.

Black and red add to the atmosphere of mystery and sensuality. While purple gives the occasion a more mysterious feel. White promotes a softer and more serene mood, while gold adds glitz.


Candles are a standard component of wedding ceremonies, regardless of style. The distinction is that they can now be either white, red, or black.

Another characteristic of this component found in Gothic designs is the effect of melting paraffin. Not to mention the chandeliers and candelabra, which are indisputable representatives of Gothic culture. To make this atmosphere even more dramatic and realistic, you might even use a chandelier with candles.

The atmosphere of the place

A venue is required for a truly gothic wedding. You can accomplish this by living in a home with this kind of architecture or even by getting married in a Gothic church.

All of these alternatives are not viable. So the advice is to choose an outdoor wedding, where nature helps to convey the Gothic wedding’s medieval and bucolic atmosphere.

Wedding invitation in Gothic style

The invitation is a critical component of the gothic wedding. The wedding should be planned so that attendees are aware of the theme.

Use this chance to recommend the best clothes as well. Typically, it is advised that women wear long black dresses (or other dark-colored dresses), while males can wear tailcoats and tuxedos.


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