How To Use The Decoration Crochet And Tips To Get Inspired

Are you also one of those people who have doubts about using crochet in decoration? Even though it is a very common handicraft around here, crochet still generates impasses because, in most cases, the pieces are colorful and rich in details. 

But you can rest assured that today we are going to help you put your favorite crochet in your home decor. See the tips:

How to use crochet in decoration


The older and more traditional crochet models tend to be more colorful and show strong contrasts.  However, in recent times the use of crochet pieces following the Scandinavian style has also become common.  That is, they usually bring light, neutral colors and lack details and prints. 

Regardless of the crochet style, you intend to use in the decoration, it is important to pay attention to the harmony of the colors present in the pieces and the rest of the environment.  A colorful crochet quilt with flower details, for example, looks great in a room with white walls and floor, so that the quilt becomes the protagonist of the environment.

If the intention is to create a more clean and modern aesthetic, prefer crochet pieces with just one color and smooth texture. You can even explore the use of crochet in decoration by creating points of light and contrast. Imagine, for example, an all-blue sofa decorated with yellow crochet pillows? 

Shape and size of pieces

This tip is especially true for crochet rugs. When using some in the decoration, try to balance the size of the piece with the dimensions of the environment.  A very large room, for example, is disproportionate with a small rug. In this case, in order not to leave the crochet rug “lost” in the decoration, the tip is to take it to an environment where it can stand out.

The shape of the crochet pieces is another important element. In general, round rugs, for example, inspire delicate, romantic, and even childish decorations.  On the other hand, square and rectangular pieces end up being more modern.

Crochet in the kitchen

Everyone has a memory of a crochet piece being used in the kitchen.  It could be the cover of an appliance, a water filter, or, even a tablecloth.  Here, you can continue to use traditional use the crochet pieces like the classic blender covers. Or, if you prefer, follow a more modern line and adopt other crochet elements to compose the decoration.

A good example is a rug. Crochet runners and doormats enhance any decor, in addition to being very practical in everyday life. It is also worth pursuing the idea of ​​using crochet tablecloths and table runners.  Another trend is crochet placemats. You can assemble the table using these pieces with great charm and elegance.

Crochet in the bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is another place in the house where crochet has always been present.  Crochet mats are popular in this environment, especially those in sets that come with a toilet cover and toilet paper roll holder. Another way to use crochet in bathroom decoration is betting on organizer baskets made with this technique.  

They are beautiful and help keep hygiene and beauty products and items close at hand. 

Crochet in the room

Crochet is also unbeatable in the decoration of the room. The soft and warm texture brings warmth and comfort, two essential things in an environment like this.  To use crochet to decorate the room, invest in pillows, blankets, ottomans, and rugs. 

Also, it is worth mentioning that the crochet pieces value decorations in boho and Scandinavian styles. If that is your intention, then you can play without fear.

Crochet in the room

In the bedroom, the main place to crochet is above the bed. The crochet quilts are still very coveted and, no wonder. The super value is the decoration of the room. But the crochet in the bedroom decoration goes beyond the bed laid. It can be used on pillow covers, quilts, and, of course, bedside rugs.  Crochet organizer baskets are another beautiful way to insert this craft into the room. 

And remember that crochet can and should be used in double, single, and children’s rooms. 

Want more ideas on how to use crochet in decor? So follow the images below and get inspired!










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