How To Use In Decoration The Mustard Color

The mustard color, also known as mustard yellow or ocher, belongs to the yellow color palette. So it carries with it all the symbolisms, characteristics, and meanings of that color. Therefore, the mustard tone can be considered as a cheerful, invigorating, warm, dynamic, and energizing color. Its difference from the bright and open yellow is in the intensity.

Mustard yellow is softer and more discreet. It illuminates, but without tiring the vision. Because it is very close to earth tones, mustard also carries the strength of nature and rustic. It is not for nothing that he ends up being very associated with country houses, for example.

But not only that. The mustard color is perfect for heating environments, bringing warmth and coziness, besides, of course, lighting. Try, for example, using color in a darker room and see how it reacts. The same goes for very large spaces that often end up gaining the characteristic of being cold and impersonal. In that case, a touch of mustard is enough to make the place more welcoming and inviting.

How to use mustard color in decoration

On the walls

One of the most common and popular ways to use mustard color in the decor is to paint the walls, whether indoors or out. The internal walls are highlighted, but care must be taken to maintain balance. In general, the idea is that only one of the walls of the room receives the color. The other walls can receive the color you want from your decorative project. Gray, for example, will reveal a modern atmosphere, while white can bring a classic or minimalist aura.

Another way of betting on mustard walls inside the house is to go for the half painting, where only a part of the wall receives the color. Color coatings are also a good option for bringing mustard color to walls. The kitchen and bathroom, for example, are two areas that can benefit greatly from this choice. In the external area, the mustard color is just joy. You can use color to paint the entire facade and ensure a warm and welcoming entrance.

On furniture

The furniture in the house, in any room, can also receive the mustard-colored heat. Kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bathroom cabinets, for example, are just some of the possibilities. Just remember to follow the mustard tone of the furniture with other shades that make up the project.

On the couch

The sofa is the star of the decoration of the room. Now imagine a mustard sofa? Just success! For a modern proposal, opt for a mustard sofa with straight lines contrasting with gray, white walls or another neutral tone of your preference. Rustic people can take advantage of the mustard sofa idea to combine it with a wood-covered wall, for example.

On the rugs

What if the carpet is mustard? Wonderful too! The tip here is to align the rug with the most prominent furniture in the room, such as the sofa, bed, or dining table. Choose a color palette and distribute these tones in harmony with the mustard rug.

In the decorative objects

Now, if you are the most discreet type and are afraid of making mistakes in your hand, bet on the use of mustard color in specific details, but capable of pulling the eye. A good example is the lamps in this tone. They can easily steal the show, even though they are smaller pieces.

It is still possible to invest in cushions, vases, paintings, blankets, among other decorative objects. And, finally, to close everything with a golden key, bet on lighting directed to these items in mustard tone. The light (yellow, preferably) increases color perception and helps to make it even cozier. After all, when it comes to mustard yellow, just a little detail is enough to capture all the attention.

Below is a selection of 10 ideas of environments decorated in mustard color and get inspired to do the same there in your home.












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