How To Use In Decor The Popular Millennial Pink Color?

Elected as the color of the year 2016, millennial pink remains in evidence to this day. And not by chance. The millennial pink color parades in numerous styles, ranging from classic to contemporary in the blink of an eye.

Want to find out more about this pop star color? So keep following the post with us:

What color is millennial pink?

The millennial pink color can be compared to a shade of pastel pink. Light in appearance, almost faded, but with a slight grayish background, which causes the color to lose that childish and immature characteristic very common in other types of rose.

The name millennial pink was chosen by Pantone, a reference brand in the standardization of color systems in the world, as an allusion to generation Y, also known as the millennial generation. The color is still a way to enter the gender discussion and propose a break with the idea that pink is an exclusively feminine color, just as blue is a masculine color.

How to use millennial pink color in decor?


For those who want to take the millennial pink color to the decoration of the rooms, the tip is to bet on bedding, such as sheets and bed covers. 

Want a little more color in the environment? A painting or wallpaper can be a good starting point, as well as adding other elements to the decor with colors, such as paintings, lamps, and flowers. 

Living room

The living room is another great place to bring out the millennial pink color. If you have no problem making big changes, bet on a sofa in color. But if you prefer something simpler and easier to move later, invest in blankets, pillows, and small decorative objects in the tone. 


The millennial pink color can also be taken to the kitchen. In this environment, it is common for the color to appear on utensils and even appliances. 

Another option is wall painting or furniture renovation with color.


How about a millennial pink bathroom? The color can appear on wall and floor coverings, as well as coloring the sink cabinet. 

A more discreet way to bet on this shade is by using millennial pink mats and bathing suits.

Home office

The home office can also gain a touch of millennial pink. If you prefer a more neutral and clean environment, bet on the combination of pink and white or pink and gray. But for a more striking and personality decoration, millennial pink with blue is perfect for home offices. You can think about bringing out the color using wallpaper, paint, or even your armchair.

Check out the ideas on how to use millennial pink in decor and get inspired:











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