How To Use Crystals In Decorations

Are you the crystal lover type? So this post is for you! 

Today we are going to tell you how to use crystals in decoration, after all, it’s no use having these gems at home and not knowing what to do with them, right?

Understanding a little more about crystals

Crystals are ancient rock formations found in countless colors, shapes, and textures. For centuries, crystals were considered magical elements, capable of transmuting energies and performing a true cleansing of the environment and people. 

Nowadays, however, rock crystals have become decorative pieces and are widely used, either in their raw state or cut in different formats.

How to use crystals in decoration

You can make crystals randomly, that is, without worrying about the energy function they carry or else use crystals as allies of well-being. In the first option, you can just let yourself be guided by the aesthetic issues surrounding the environment, choosing crystals based on colors, textures, and formats. 

If the second case is more like you, then check out which are the most suitable crystals for each type of environment and how they can influence the emotions and energies of the place.

Crystals for living room

The living room is the most social environment in the house and, for this reason, it is easily impregnated with different types of energy. 

To clean all this energetic mess, the ideal is to have on the rack or coffee table, crystals capable of cleaning, balancing, and transmuting energies, as well as offering protection against negative energies. Those who do this very well are amethyst, clear quartz, and selenite. 

Because it is a social environment, it is also interesting to use stones that favor family and friendship relationships, such as rhodochrosite, amazonite, and watermelon tourmaline.

Crystals for the entrance hall

The entrance hall is the reception area of ​​the house and, just as it is customary to take off your shoes when entering, it is also important to remove dirt from the energy field, so that your home does not get dirty energetically. The best stone for this is black tourmaline.

Crystals for a double bedroom

What can be more important in a master bedroom than keeping love, respect, cooperation, and harmony flowing? So it is! It is no wonder that rose quartz crystal is preferred in this environment. The stone enhances the energy of the heart, radiating love, tranquility, and well-being. 

Next to the bed, it is recommended to keep a green quartz crystal to promote energy renewal to cultivate the health of the mind and body.

Crystals for children’s room

The children’s and teenagers’ room needs to be calm and peaceful. Therefore, pink tourmaline and celestite are good crystal options for this environment.

If the child’s room is also used for studies, it is also recommended to keep an agate and labradorite crystal that are stimulants of creativity, while the yellow citrine crystal helps maintain concentration, memory and even helps in the fight against mental fatigue.

Crystals for the workplace

The workplace needs to emanate energies of prosperity, success, and creativity. For this, nothing better than keeping a smoky quartz and carnelian crystal close at hand. 

Pyrite and topaz are also good allies in the work environment, even helping to eliminate negative energies and bring protection.

Crystals for bathroom

The bathroom is the place in the house made for personal hygiene, but also energetic hygiene. Because of this, it is interesting to have crystals that help in this cleaning and eliminate the bad energies of the place. Again, amethyst is a good choice in addition to clear quartz crystal and green quartz. 

How about now check out 50 ideas on how to use crystals in decoration? Fall in love with each of the following inspirations:











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