How to Style Your Living Room With a Cozy Recliner

I’ve been driving to my office every morning and sitting on my office chair for hours. When driving back home, most times, my back is aching. Same case with my neck! All I want when I get home is to rest my back on a comfortable seat and have my feet at a heart level.

We all know the countless benefits that come with having your feet at this level especially when feeling exhausted.

It looks simple until you try it. Styling your living room with a cozy recliner can be a challenge. My friend shared valuable tips on how to go about it.

Harmonize the Colors

Other accessories in your living room should harmonize well with your cozy recliner. So, ensure that the color on your rugs, table mats, carpets, throw pillows, flower vessels, and couch harmonizes well with that of the recliner.

For better results, have some patterns on some of the accessories or furniture in the living room so that there can be a mix of blending colors.

Most people don’t understand that colors have meanings, and choosing them carefully is vital. Don’t be one.

Upholster the Recliner With Solid Colors

Solid colors are easier to see. They attract the attention of guests easily than other colors. So, place fabric with a solid color on your cozy recliner.

You may have fabrics that have some small patterns. However, such colors may not complement well with most furniture in your living room.

Therefore, ensure the color of the fabric is solid and blends well with that of other furniture. If you plan to change your furniture in the future, buy a fabric with a bright color that can complement well with most colors. Examples of bright colors include blue, orange, magenta, and green. You can also opt to go for a neutral color such as olive, white, beige, and light grey.

Bring In More Assets to Offset The Cozy Recliner

If you do not have accessories such as table lamps or flower vessels that can offset the cozy recliner, consider buying some. You don’t need a large space for these accessories.

Consider bringing in small accessories such as flower vessels, family photos, and classy candlesticks.

Such small accessories cannot get into the way of your cozy recliner. It will be visible.

Unfortunately, my sofa could not give me such comfort and I opted to buy the best wall hugger recliner I had seen in my friend’s house.

While comfort was my first priority when buying the recliner, I wanted to make my living room look stylish using the new cozy recliner.

Fill In the spaces Around the Recliner

Avoid having too many large spaces around your cozy recliner. Such space only makes the recliner a loner, which gives a wrong impression.

So, fill such places with furniture. Alternatively, move the recliner to another position in the living room.

You could also consider bringing in another cozy recliner. It’s even better that way as you could have a friend or your spouse recline next to you while having a discussion.

Buy Modern High Leg Cozy Recliner

High leg cozy recliner gives you a ton of styles to choose from to make your living room classy. You can ask for a personalized cozy recliner with different colors.

Else, place a piece of fabric with a neutral color so as to match with various assets in the living room.

Hire a Designer

If you still cannot get enough ideas to make your living room stylish, hire a professional designer. While it will cost you more, it will take just a few hours to have everything look exactly as you wish.

However, it’s best to consider if the company you bought your cozy recliner at has designers. In most cases, recliner manufacturers also have designers who offer free consultation services.

That would be a better option because they will offer personalized advice.

Corner off the Cozy Recliner

If the design and set up of your living rooms allow, corner off your cozy recliner. Do not push it too close to the wall, though.

Leave enough room for it to recline fully.

Most recliners have a sleek design that takes less space, unlike the previous designs, which were too large. So, even with a small space, your recliner would still fit in so well.

Over To You

The above tips are easy to implement and give your living room a new look.

Styling your living room with a cozy recliner makes it possible to have the comfort you so dearly need right there in the living room. What’s more, you’ll be watching your favorite movie as you sooth your body. You can as well take small naps after a hectic day in the office.

Give your living room a new look today. Make it the best place to be!


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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