15 Dreamy Mediterranean Living Room Interior Designs

Sun-drenched dreamscapes await in the Mediterranean living room. Earthy hues – terracotta, ochre, olive green – wash over the space, accented by bursts of turquoise or cobalt. Nature’s textures reign – handcrafted wood, stone, and wrought iron furniture. Wicker whispers and woven rugs caress underfoot. Expansive windows usher in light, creating an airy haven reminiscent of the Mediterranean coast.

The magic unfolds further. Wrought iron, intricately crafted, adorns chandeliers, lamps, or fireplaces, a timeless whisper. Bold tiles, hand-painted with captivating patterns, create stunning backsplashes or accent walls, infusing the room with personality. Luxurious throws, woven cushions, and textured curtains beckon for relaxation, a final layer of plush comfort.

The Mediterranean embrace extends beyond the living room. Imagine kitchens adorned with terracotta tiles, rustic wooden cabinetry bathed in the warm glow of a wrought iron chandelier, a perfect spot for gatherings.

Ready to create your own Mediterranean haven? Let’s explore the design elements that will transport the sun-soaked charm of the Mediterranean straight into your home.

1. Mediterranean Living Room

2. Mediterranean Sitting Room, Orange County

3. Mediterranean FamilyΒ  Room, Bologna

4. Mediterranean Living, Los Angeles

5. Bells Interior Styling

6. Renovation villa Mougins

7. Mediterranean Family Room, Los Angeles

8. Porto Del Cielo

9. Monarch Villa

10. Palmas Del Mar II

11. Mediterranean Interior, San Francisco

12. Mediterranean Living Room, Los Angeles

13. Von Dollen Vineyard

14. Mediterranean Sitting Room, Alicante-Costa Blanca

15. Mediterranean Interior, Santa Barbara


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