15 Inviting Mediterranean Style Kitchen Designs That Will Leave You In Awe

Sun-drenched kitchens! These 15 Mediterranean style kitchen designs will whisk you away. Imagine a space bursting with character, perfect for whipping up delicious meals.

Terracotta floors in warm tones create a cozy base. Hand-painted tiles on the walls and counters add a playful touch. Wrought-iron chandeliers cast a warm glow, like something out of a storybook. Deep wooden cabinets whisper of old-world charm. Shiny appliances keep things modern.

But these kitchens aren’t just pretty. Woven baskets overflow with fresh herbs, filling the air with yummy smells. Gleaming copper pots hang from exposed beams, ready for culinary adventures. Open floor plans let you chat and laugh with loved ones while you cook.

These kitchens are more than cooking spaces. They’re an invitation to relax and savor life, the Mediterranean way. Ditch the boring kitchen and create a Mediterranean style kitchen space that makes you want to cook, chat, and have fun every single day.

1. Mediterranean Kitchen, Barcelona

2. Crystal Cove Newport Coast

3. Mediterranean Kitchen, Marseille

4. Mediterranean Kitchen

5. Mediterranean Kitchen, Barcelona

6. Mediterranean Kitchen, Malaga

7. Mediterranean Style Kitchen, Los Angeles

8. Porto Del Cielo

9. Mediterranean Style Kitchen, Orange County

10. Mediterranean Kitchen, Los Angeles

11. Mediterranean Kitchen, San Diego

12. Mediterranean Kitchen, Miami

13. Mediterranean Style Kitchen, Denver

14. Mediterranean Kitchen, Austin

15. Mediterranean Kitchen, Santa Barbara


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