How to Set Up a Dream Dressing Table

The dressing table is the glamorous piece of furniture par excellence. Take time for yourself, pamper yourself, and display your most beautiful bottles: yes, the vanity unit is dedicated to beauty and well-being.

Discover our tips & inspirations for setting up a dream dressing table.

Where can you find a furniture dressing table?

It’s not easy to find a furniture dressing table that meets these different criteria:

  • elegant design
  • a mirror and built-in storage
  • a relatively correct size – in general, a dressing table should not be too deep, nor too bulky

Among the solutions offered in online stores, we have nevertheless unearthed 3 models, even if one of them does not have storage. We have also selected table armchairs, more elegant and more comfortable than a simple chair, to make the most of these moments of relaxation.

What storage to adopt on a dressing table?

The advantage of a dressing table is that you can find everything you need for well-being. Beauty products, make-up, but also hair accessories and massages.

We will remember to store in the drawers everything that is not visually pleasing.

For makeup brushes, bet on a pretty ceramic mug. This leaves more possibilities than a bathroom tumbler. For your massage accessories, the showcase box is perfect: sheltered from dust, your objects will be protected like real little treasures.









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