How to Set Up a Bar at Home – Decor and Inspiring Home Bar Templates

Friends gathered, first-class drinks, appetizers to go with, and good background music. No, you’re not in a bar, or rather, only in a bar at home.Will you say you had never thought of that possibility? Having a bar at home today is almost a must, as the habit of receiving visitors has become increasingly common.

And for you to learn how to set up and equip a bar at home, stay here with us. We will tell you how to do this and also show you many inspirations, check out!

How to Set Up a Bar at Home

Setting up a bar at home is not that difficult, you just need to pay attention to some important details, such as the choice of drinks, the right place and voilà… your bar will look incredibly beautiful and functional. Learn more with the following tips:

The ideal place

The bar is a social environment by nature, so it makes no sense to set it up in a private or hard to reach place. One of the best options – and the most popular too – is the living room, where visitors usually come together. Other equally interesting environments are the dining room, the kitchen and the balcony, especially if it is integrated into the living room or the kitchen. Just make sure that the venue you choose can accommodate people and the bar itself comfortably.

Also prioritize a good lighting environment, both natural and artificial. But, avoid direct sunlight, as heat can damage and even spoil your drinks.

Your Bar, your Face

Personality and originality are important points in decorating a home bar. Whenever possible, impress your personal tastes and preferences in this space to make it even more enjoyable. However, keep in mind that the home bar is an integral part of the setting in which it was set up, so it is interesting that it fits in with the rest of the decor.

If you want to mix styles between the bar and the rest of the space, that’s fine. But try to maintain a visual harmony between the colors and the materials used. A strong trend these days is modern-style home bars, where vibrant colors and LED lights come to the fore. Now if you prefer something more classic or understated, bet on neutral colors, and we have some rustic home bar ideas too.

The home bar can still follow a rustic trend, with wooden elements and natural fiber objects. Another cool bar style is the industrial style, where pieces of iron, concrete and metal stand out.

And speaking of decoration, it is worth remembering that a bar is not only composed of bottles, glasses and glasses. It can be complemented with paintings, potted plants, stickers and other props that have to do with your personality, such as musical instruments or accessories of any sport you practice. This is even a good tip for those who want to get their hands dirty and produce a decor in the best DIY style. You can turn everyday everyday objects into super-stylish, stylish pieces for your bar.

Home Bar Templates

In addition to varying in the decorative style of the bar, you can also vary in its model and shape. And this is all about the furniture chosen for the bar, check it out: 

Corner bar

The corner bar is usually made of wood and has a larger structure, ideal for larger environments and for those who want to invest in a better equipped space, with refrigerator and sink, for example.

Kitchen integrated bar

The integrated kitchen bar is perfect for those who have little space and need to fit the bar in some space that already exists in the house. The solution here is to plan the kitchen furniture with the future bar in mind. Another way to integrate the bar with the kitchen is by using a counter or counter-top, a model that works great in American-style kitchens.

Sideboard bar or buffet

For those who are considering setting up the bar in the living room or dining room, the sideboard or buffet can be the ideal supporting furniture. They take up little space but still manage to expose your bar’s drinks, glasses and glasses very well.

Bar cart

One of the most beloved options of the moment is the bar cart. It is small, versatile and yet has the advantage that it can be taken to any room in the house, meaning your bar can be on the porch today and in the dining room tomorrow.

Bar in the living room bookcase

Who has bookshelf in the room can bet on this furniture for the assembly of the bar. To do this, select from two to three furniture niches to place the utensils of the bar. 

Bar under the stairs

That space under the stairs can be very well occupied by a home bar, especially if the staircase is integrated into the social environments of the house. 

Coffee bar

How about joining coffees and drinks in one space? There are a lot of people out there betting on the union of cocktail shakers and espresso machines. You can even roll a coffee drink or a liqueur coffee, right?












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