How To Properly Set Your Favorite Wall Art

Many of us like art paintings and pictures on the walls, but not everyone know how to set them properly. This procedure can be a very complicated task, until we get to know some of the basic rules that can help us. We present to you a few examples that are practically defined, which can be applied in any space, and after reading this article, we hope that you can finally set your wall art correctly.

Choose works of art in the right size according to your wall

Although the selection of large pieces is a very popular trend, above all, you need to know which size of artwork can be placed in the appropriate space. If the image is too big or small, it will be completely inappropriate.

Select the correct height

Myth is that all works of art should be hanged at eye level, but it can be changed, because people with different heights have different looks, which brings us back to the beginning. What is the true height at which we can set our works of art? Compared to the other furniture elements, it should be placed on the height not to bother the harmony in the space.

You can create a gallery on the wall

Many of us are a bit afraid to create a gallery wall because sometimes they can be really complicated to create. However, the gallery wall is one of the most current trends of today. First you have to decide which pictures and photos you want to include in the gallery wall together, to see if you are satisfied with their form and content, because it’s much easier to make the changes this way, than when they are placed on the wall. When you are completely satisfied with the combination of your art pieces, start hanging them in the same pattern.


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