How to make your room feel warmer?

Do you also feel the winter spleen reaching you more than ever? Welcome to the club, we’re all in the same boat, here’s a detail that can reassure us “a little”. Everyone has their own little method to fix those prevalent October blues. For us, of course, it is the decoration that comes to our aid, and more precisely the decoration of the room, which this season more than ever needs to be cosy! So how do you manage to feel comfortable in the bedroom? How do you make a white room warmer? How to multiply the cocooning arguments at the heart of the sleeping area? What materials should you choose to keep your bedroom warm all winter? We have the answers, take notes.

Think of wooden touches to make a room warmer

If there’s one material to bet on more than another this season, it’s wood. And the bedroom should not resist it! As in the living room, wood can prevail there with small, subtle accents as a lamp base, a small wooden stool as a bedside table or a small wooden decoration for the windowsill. Its presence brings immediate authenticity and thus immediate warmth. If you prefer a nice rattan armchair, a few decorative wicker baskets or a chest of drawers made of rattan, you can do that too, natural materials are welcome!

Invest in a very comfortable headboard

The idea is not to redesign your bedroom from A to Z for that hard-to-bear change of season but to invest in the correct elements that can improve comfort. Underneath, without hesitation, is the headboard. It is preferably chosen in wood or rattan in a bohemian or Scandinavian-style bedroom. Gladly also with fabric covering to ensure a cosy atmosphere for reading evenings in bed.

Multiply the small accent lamps to create a warm atmosphere

With night falling very early at this time of year, you need to invest in quality bedside lamps… and multiply the number of extra lights in the bedroom. A bedside table, dresser, small shelf, and small decorative lamps are a must to create a cosy and soothing atmosphere.

Think candles or light garlands to breathe cosy air into the room

Lit or extinguished, the candle immediately spreads a calming and cosy atmosphere. And contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t just belong in the living room. On the contrary, just like the small decorative lamp, it can be added to both a bedside table and a shelf. The same goes for the light garland that dresses up both a headboard and a shelf, creating a warm atmosphere.


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